[Archive] Selling it all


This is it guys. Im selling it all. Prices are as below.

Im shipping off once a week, monday, to avoid going to the posthouse everyday :slight_smile: The prices are as below. Everything are in good, but used condition. Some are undercoated, some are painted. The condition is stated below. Postage will be added the total amount of your purchase. I will package every thing in bubblewrap.

I hope you will enjoi it :slight_smile:

3 Dark castellans: 36 dollars (12 Dollars a piece)

2 Deamon smiths: 24 dollars (12 dollars a piece)

1 astrogoth on stilts: 14 dollars

46 sneaky gitz with knives incl. 1 bannerbearer and musician: 276 dollars (6 dollars a piece).

29 Sneaky gitz with bow, incl. 1 bannerbearer (banner is broken off and needs regluing) and 1 muscisian: 174 Dollars (6 dollars a piece).

7 hobgoblin wolfriders with bows (1 have banner instead of bow): 70 dollars (10 dollars a piece)

18 hobgoblin wolfriders (theese have swords pined to their hands instead of the normal axes) - 1 muscisian and 2 banners, one banner needs regluing - 160 dollars (8,9 dollars a piece).

Alot of the tales have come of, but I will send them along for regluing.

5 khans on foot - 50 dollars (10 dollars a piece)

3 khans on wolf - 60 dollars (20 dollars a piece)

2 Earthshaker 52 dollars (26 dollars a piece)

1 Earthshaker, with banner pole and original banner - 30 dollars

3 Deathschrikers 60 dollars (20 dollars a piece)

1 flamecannon (that plastic one from BFTSP I think) 5 dollars

14 Bull centaurs 119 Dollars (8,5 dollars a piece)

1 Bull centaur with bannerpole and original banner - 12 dollars

1 Homemade Tarruk, made from bloodbowl l Bull centaur - 8 Dollars

5 unassembled newer before painted Bull centaurs, one is missing an arm, one is missing a HW 45 dollars - only sold together

1 Tenderizer - 35 Dollars

1 Balrog - used as K’daai destroyer (I will throw in the dwarf from WoW (the big one) for free): 35 Dollars

1 Hell Cannon 35 dollars

40 Infernal Gaurds with Blunderbuss: 240 Dollars (6 dollars a piece)

17 Infernal Gaurds 85 Dollars (5 dollars a piece)

28 Infernal Gaurds plastic 84 Dollars (3 dollars a piece)

4 Infernal Gaurds command groups 80 dollars (20 dollars a piece)

2 Prophets on Lammasu 70 Dollars (35 dollars a piece)

1 Prophet on lamassu 40 Dollars



If you want specefik poses, pass it along and I will see what I can do.


Good luck, far to expensive for my liking .


You are of course welcome to bid, but the prices are made from this assessment http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=13230