[Archive] Selling large collections of 2nd,3rd & 8th Edition CD's, and some LOTR & Hobbit


[align=center]Large Chaos Dwarf collection of 2nd & 3rd Edition, and 7th Edition models,

pls note Ebay prices set at 20% over to cover selling fee’s, (so for a private sale discount 20%.) Also pls note many suspected recasts in the 7th edition collection and a few in the 2nd & 3rd edition, as mentioned in listing descriptions[/align]

original army blog here:


ebay listings here:






I’ve updated my original post,

I am heading back to NZ tomorrow, this stuff is all boxed up and ready to ship from the UK if anyone decides to take any of it, just msg me on here and I’ll do my best to check in at least once a week. Not in a position to break it down so only selling in large chunks. I’m back in the UK in April so could look at breaking it down then if enough interest.

Happy to sell to a consortium of Chaos Dwarf online members :wink:


Amazing collection if anyone can put up the cash then they will be lucky.

It will be hard though considering the amount of rage quitters, most being oldhammer types.


Yeah I don’t think anyone is going to buy it. I spoke to Brandon at GMM studios about doing up a commission army, so maybe that is the way to go and get it all painted up. I just honestly don’t know what to do with it all.


The hobby is all about collecting modeling painting and playing ! you have achieved the first one for a full range of third ed! Rare are the ones that did it ! Take your time to achieve the rest of this process :wink:


yeah I love the modelling and painting side. I am trying to move forward in 2016 and get some positive things moving hobby wise

I fly out to NZ tomorrow in the morning to work back at Weta, and I’m taking a small set of brushes, and 3 mini’s with me, I doubt anyone will buy any of that stuff in such large quantities, but good to have it on there while I’m away.