[Archive] Selling off some CDs...including MINT


I’ve decided I simply have to pare down on my CD collection, it’s quite out of hand!  Simply more than I’ll field, probably ever, all these are Big Hat era, sculpted by the Perry Bros, et al, or at least in that style.

Blunderbusses.  I’ve about 100 metal BB’s/commands, all bare metal, organized thusly:

No Command = 2x10, 2x10, 1x12

Command = 15BB+3Cmd for 18 total (these have at least one each of the seven BBs made)

8 mint in blister (4 blisters)

My thinking is that people want to buy a unit.  The units with command are 18’s b/c in 8th ed you really need 5 per rank.  I made them 6 ranks, each rank with 5 BB and 1 command figure.  It looks better with the command not in the front (where they’re getting shot, it appears) and instead the command is in the back as it should be in a musket regiment!

Axemen.  I’ve only one regiment of 20 metal CDs with axe and plastic shields, plus command, bare metal, 17 axes and 3 command.  I figure 4x5 ranks is a minimal full unit in 8th.

Plastic Axemen.  Plastics…I’ve two painted regiments of 22+3 metal command in a red/black paint scheme, and one group of ten painted plastics in an orange paint scheme.

My main question is should I keep these “as-is” for eBay auctions, or should I break them up into smaller lots?  Personally, I know if I was trying to get into CDs, I’d want to purchase an auction usable on the table.

My secondary question is what I should put as the starting bid or reserve to make certain they get a good price.  I figured I’d do a 7-day auction so people could see them.  I’m hoping that as bare metal they’ll get a good price despite none of the bare metal ones having bases.


I would sell them in 20’s you mind that they sell for a noble price on ebay.

If any are painted strip them.

For the plastic, Just get them all together and sell them as a set.


From my experience, selling them in smaller lots, ie each blister seperately, Metal CDs with axe in groups of 5, the command figures individually, will get you a LOT more money for your army, but it is a LOT more work for you. Also with something so popular as Chaos Dwarfs, you should start the bidding as low as possible (ie .10cents) that way you generate a LOT of bidders, which in turn generates a lot of interest, which in turn drives the prices up. But you need to have nerves of steel, as the prices sit really low for most of the auction, and most of the action occurs near the end of the auction.

Pyro Stick:

TBH i wouldnt bid on a unit of 20+ guys. If they were in lots of at max 5 then theres a chance i would bid but right now im just looking for the blunderbuss that are holding their blunderbuss pointing up.


TBH i wouldnt bid on a unit of 20+ guys. If they were in lots of at max 5 then theres a chance i would bid but right now im just looking for the blunderbuss that are holding their blunderbuss pointing up.

Pyro Stick
how much are you willing to pay for them...in a large group? :P


Aman where do you live? Because depending where you live I may or may not bid (postage and all that)

And I don’t know about everyone else but I’d probably bid more on full units than seperate blisters, especially that 20 man metal axemen unit

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think I’d bid on smaller amounts. People will pay more per model on individual auctions, so it’s a bonus to you and you’ll find it easier to sell 1-3 models at a time than an army…


OK, I’ve a whole bunch of mint metal up on eBay. Many are still in blisters, so no worries about authenticity there. :slight_smile: Then there are the usual badly painted and based stuff, which is starting to go up. My handle there is “double-a-68”, and I’ve a perfect satisfaction rate at the moment.

Go bid aggressively! Not only does my baby need formula, but I need a little extra cash for some of the new evil stunties being pushed by various manufacturors l- if I make enough, maybe I’ll break down an and buy the entire line from that Bedenden dude. :wink:

Or, more likely, maybe I’ll take my nickels and dimes and experiment with the new Mantic dwarfs…