[Archive] Shadow Warrior Conversion using Glade Guard


A friend of mine is starting High Elves, and another friend suggested he buy glade guard to use as Shadow Warriors. Although he had in mind a much more simple conversion, since the HE player is new to the game, I actually tested myself to see whether a nice Shadow Warrior from the plastic Glade Guard sprue.

At first I was just going to add a bit of scale mail and call it a day, but the more I added, the more I was compelled to add further detail until I finished with what is a near replica of the actual Shadow Warrior design. I usually just make Chaos Dwarfs with my Green Stuff, but it seems I can apply that skill elsewhere as well.

I was quite happy and surprised by the end result. I’d love to hear your thoughts. :slight_smile:

Lord Zarkov:

Well done!

The Flying Beaver:

Quite an elaborate conversion there Xander. Well done!


Oh the shame!��Using your powers for the forces of good?��There will be much gnashing of tusks and pulling of beards!:slight_smile:

Anyway, great conversion work, looks very proffesional.


looks good… for an elf…


Hehe, ya, Elves… pshhh. :stuck_out_tongue:


looks very interesting, nice idea well sculpted, nothing to complain about, very good!

but, i would change the size… he should make him smaller, but mor muscles. maybe add a mask or a higher hat or both. a beard would look great… hm, a curled beard! and tusks, tusks are great! finally, i would change the weapon… maybe an axe or something.

- then he would look totally perfect… for an elf :smiley:


:hat off


Yes, very interesting suggestions. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for your help.


nice for a bald tall ugly elf