[Archive] Shields, I need input


Photos will be incoming, but I have a large number of the Chaos Dwarf plastic and metal 5th edition minis.  Enough for 3x40 hordes and more.

To be blunt, I really don’t like the GW shields available.

The 5th edition troops have a nub for the shield to be mounted on, and I don’t forsee myself filing it off.

Scibor has what I believe to be the answer:

Demon Small Shields CPSH0057

However, I would have to file off many of the chaos symbols to paint the mighty symbol of Hashut or the FW bull symbol.

The Forge World shields for the infernal guard are by far the best ones available (flat surface to paint on with a nice design).  

Does anyone have ideas for buying bulk amounts of shields (200 or so) that posess the same qualities as the Forge World Infernal Guard shields, or something else for me to look at?

Thank you in advance


Not a great fan of scibor tbh,

Have you considered making your own ones from plasticard, then press casting your own ones?


Well, I brought up scibor hoping to get input…and I did. No more scibor then for me.

Press casting. Now that sounds like fun. And much cheaper hopefully, than ordering 200 shields.

Am googling it now.

Thank you!


Press casting is when you make a one part mould out of, for example, greenstuff. I believe Xander has a video on it, not to sure though. It’s something about greenstuff casting if I recall correctly, so be sure to check it out.

The idea is that you take whatever you are “casting”, lubricate it a bit, press it into your greenstuff lump.

Let it set, remove the part that should be cast and then fill the “mould” up with greenstuff again.

After that piece of GS has set you have made a greenstuff cast of your object.


I think I’m liking this.

Thank you very much!!