[Archive] show off the snow pictures

Kera foehunter:

as the snow take out the east coast of the u s a here’s the twins at the in-laws


Wow they are growing quick!?!

I’ve yet to see any snow here sadly, not had even 1cm of snow on the ground. Which is quite sad really as I like to mark the passing of seasons and a bit frosty doesn’t count.


Obviously some beardlings with an Infernal Golem in the background?


Time flies! It’s amazing how quickly they go from tiny to huge.

No snow here, barely a dusting so far this year. If there is still none by February we might have to drive up into the mountains.


-4 right now here. With wind chill it’s -25… Time for a swim!


-4 right now here. With wind chill it's -25... Time for a swim!

You have Finnish blood in your veins, right? :o


They is so cute, I hope you pelted them with snowballs