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I think that our main webpage needs to be refreshed a little bit! There’s the last issue of WoH missing, sections like “fan made army lists”, “Gallery” or “Conversion” that need to be reworked or removed as many of the links seems to be broken and many pics have been deleted.

I don’t know if this has been discussed before… However, our showcase section is kinda dry at the moment (especially when compared to other websites like the Daemonic Legion), yet we have an outstanding number of well painted armies. Just to name a few: Nappo, Bolg, Thommy H, Bassman, Da Gabriel, Bas_ and a lot more people I shamefully don’t remember the name.

Also, all the existing galleries need an update like Ishkur’s, Snotling’s and Tjub’s.

I honestly don’t know how people rework websites, it must be a painful job, but in this case I really think we can give a better impact on all those newcomers coming here for Chaos Dwarf lore (I’m one of those that started CDs after seeing Snotling and Ishkur’s galleries).


I totally agree with Skink! :hat off

I think also the “Image Gallery”, the “Specialist Gallery” and the “Compiled Gallery” need a face lift and perhaps a new sorting / organization.

If requested I would like to help or to make suggestions.



Ive been asking for this along time… Alot of work though I suppose. :slight_smile:


And perhaps a lot of money, too. Ever thought about a donation system? Liked the one at Chestofcolor.


If there’s any money needed I would be more than happy to donate.


If its just a case of tidying up links and images with a little reworking of the front page it’s not really that much work and shouldnt cost anything really. Unless you have to pay the forum host for changing/adding pages or pay for someone to do it.

I’s sure one of the Admins will pop up and let us know the score soon enough.


If there's any money needed I would be more than happy to donate.

Surly I will donate too! :hat off



I don’t think we’re in any real need of funds, but thanks for th eoffer just the same!

On the image gallery for the site, this is something I’ve spoken to Xander about and all I can say is that an update is in the works.

Oh, and the last issue of WoH was posted shortly after post #2 in this thread… there’s just no issuu or high-res version linked yet.