[Archive] Showing off my Old Skool CD's


Hi Guys,

I was cleaning up my Warhammer boxes and ran into my collection of old skool Chaos Dwarfs. Just thought it’d be nice to share some pictures. Collected these in a period of about 4 to 5 years in the late 90’s early 00’s.

(marauder cd’s)

(citadel cd’s)

(war machines and missile troops)

I tried to embed them but that didn’t work with imgur :mask


Nice collection! I’d have chanted “Paint them!” had you not been a sculptor. Better sculpt for casting instead, that way more people can enjoy the fruits of one’s labour. More rewarding. :wink:

Also, how to share Imgur pictures. Took the liberty to edit the links.


Nice Hoard. I’m jealous of the original ass cannon though. its the only one I haven’t got and realistically will never get


I'm jealous of the original ass cannon though.

Ah, don't be jealous... That is the one non-original piece in my collection. A while back I sculpted and cast my own version of the cannon.


I tried the tips from Admirals link, lets see if it works…


Awesome collection of awesome CD’s! :hat off

Your AssCannon is simply ingenious, as I said several times before! :wink:



Great collection! I have always really loved that wing helmed Sorceror. Probably my favorite oldhammer chaos dwarf.


Wow, great collection! And please bring us more of your stuff, would like to see some WIPs etc. Always useful to see! :hat off


Yay piles of chaos dwarfs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I too have a pile of chaos dwarfs, including one of those fantastic cannons.

Some day I might even put paint on them. I’m waiting for the golden hat subject: paint a whole army.


An ass-cannon (even the non-original is cool), juggernaut and full compliment of Marauder Chaos Dwarf minis???



A gorgeous collection!!! I’m very envious…


Thanks guys.

Plan is to paint one set as per the promotional picture from Marauder back in the day, but for that I first want two complete set of marauders.


wow man! very nice collection there! I am closing in my completing my collection of 80’s era chaos dwarves… only need 15 more pieces! (well, and the jugger and ass cannon - but those are long shots for me for sure)


I love seeing old school metal!!