[Archive] Shush! Sneak! Vicious streak!


Shush! Sneak! Vicious streak!

Vicious streak!
Make not anee zingle creak!

Funny walk!
Crawl up quiet when dey talk!

Now dey sleep!
Boyz an’ gitz, let’s make ‘em weep!
Climb da walls dat look so steep!
Burzt through window wiv a leap!
Gut da cattle, cut da sheep!
Gotcha knife an’ starta sweep!
Frow their corpzes in a heap!

Scurry low,
an’ string da bow!
Spoil da bread,
an’ chop off head!
Frow yer knife,
in someun’s wife!
Kidz who fear,
stab wiv spear!
Men da same,
but first we maim!
Spill their gutz,
an’ burn their hutz!
Grabba torch,
an’ starta scorch!

Let’z do it once again!

- Hobgoblin camp song


Thats absolutely great :-)!

Fuggit Khan:

This has a wonderful 4th edition flair to it: it’s wicked, funny, malicious and evil. The refrains with laughter is a decidedly nice Hobbo cultural touch :h


I wish someone would start a hobgoblin metal-project with you as writer. Success guaranteed and slaves on the way!


Reminds of the song played in Fury. The SS marching song about how the devils march along while laughing to their doom.


Lovely song.

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Wow, thanks a lot, folks! :cheers

@Fuggit Khan: Haha, nice. Especially since I was too young to even know about Warhammer back in its 4th edition. :wink:

@MadHatter: Thanks a lot! I’d love to hear (more) singers/musicians/band-members, whether professional or jolly amateur ones, sing along to the CD song project’s stanzas. If anyone with knowledge about the music branch wants to contact some band (of any sort) or even choir about the proposal, they have my blessing to do so for any of my song pieces. :slight_smile:

@Geist: Haha, then the devil nature of Hobgobbos came across I hope. :smiley: