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so im back to making another castle, and this time i’ll finish it along with siege equipment for my chaos dwarves. here are my 2 siege lists:

Chaos Dwarf Besieged!

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer: Level 2, Power Stone, Dispel Scroll-150

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer: Level 2, Power Stone, Dispel Scroll-150

14 Chaos Dwarf Warriors: Blunderbuss-168

14 Chaos Dwarf Warriors: Great Weapons, Rocks-180

12 Black Orcs: Shields, Rocks-180

12 Big �?~Uns: 2x Choppa, Rocks-144

2 Bolt Throwers: 60

Earth Shaker-110

3x Molten Metal-90

Re-enforced Gate-20

Total: 1240

basic tactic is aim earthshaker at seige towers, keep defenders in courtyard until the enemy is close, then man the walls to reduce casualties. blunderbusses sit in front of gate waiting to say hi, while the other 3 units wait by the walls. bolt throwers also aim for seige towers or knocking down units carrying rams. mages sit in towers originally and magic out of them, then join units. one cauldron of molten metal on each wall.

Chaos Dwarf Besiegers!

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lord: Level 4, Dispel Scroll, Black Gem-285

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer: Level 2, Power Stone, Dispel Scroll-150

Hobgoblin Hero: Armor of Gazhrak, Gauntlets of Bazrakh the Cruel, Great Weapon-94

14 Chaos Dwarf Warriors: Blunderbuss-168

14 Chaos Dwarf Warriors: Blunderbuss-168

12 Chaos Dwarf Warriors: Blunderbuss-144

24 Black Orcs: Shields, Siege Tower, 3 Ladders-451

24 Big �?~Uns: 2x Choppas, Siege Tower, 3 Ladders–379

24 Sneaky Gitz: 3x Ladders-135

24 Sneaky Gitz: 3x Ladders-135

10 Bull Centaurs: Heavy Armor, Battering Ram-260

Earth Shaker-110

Total: 2479

bull centaurs rush up center to try and knock down the gate early. earthshaker trys to keep defenders standing helpless, while the siege tower units gang up on a wall, sneakygitz aid bull centaurs and go up other flank, while the blunderbuss units get within 12" of the wall and keep shooting. mages magic defenders, and steed of shadows my hobgoblin hero onto towers to silence war machines.


Good to see someone interested in siege battles!

I have not had one yet but looked through all the books on it and think it would be awesome!

I need to finish a castle that I started many years ago and never put the finishing touches on!

Then after that I have drawn plans for a large piece where there will be two mountains with the bit in the middle bottom made to be removable to put in a river between the two or just a rocky ravine.

The mountains will be riddled with caves and halls and on the top of the mountains a castle each side that can join each other by draw bridge, It should make for some interesting games!

Anyways have you finished your castle yet?

I would love to see it if I may, I always enjoy seeing other peoples terrain, Great inspiration.


Malificant does seem to reply so I was wondering if anyone else was interested in Siege?

What army lists have you made for Siege and do you have any terrain pictures to share?

Any tips?

Ancient History:

If you play by [[The General’s Compendium]] guidelines, Chaos Dwarfs can use the Ironclad enhancement on their fortifications.