[Archive] Silly Chaos Dwarf Chariot list idea


Soooo… kicking around this idea…

WOC list using CD models…

3 chariots converted to look like BC pushing tenderizers…

unit of BC as knights

4 chariots converted as above but with a sorcerer on top (partially turned to stone)

Unit of slayers with hats as marauders? Or WOC?

Some wolves?

Two units of Hobogobos on wolves as mounted marauders…

Points left over… Slave giant! (rules as chaos giant)

Maybe a chaos alter/thingy…

Stupid idea?

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Well the altar sounds nice and so do the chariots but remember chaos Dwarfs!!! they don’t ride chariots :stuck_out_tongue:


I use my Whirlwind and Tenderiser in my WoC army as chariots and nobody seems to mind.

Da Crusha:

I always wanted to use my tenderisers and my whirlwind as chaos chariots. but the biggest problem I have with using chaos dwarfs as chaos warriors is seeing a CD with Initiative 5


Chariots aren’t core anymore.


Yup… The ones I had were as special and character mounts…