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I really can’t believe the way some people on this forum will jump on a person simply because they disagree on a rule. There was no flame-war or hostility going on in the post I had created on the Chaos Dwarf magic resistance, and there is no reason for it to have been closed. Some have boasted at the fact they are mods or admins but does that really entitle you to close a topic so that you can have the last word and because you simply disagree?

The entire argument was not only civil, but I provided all of you with real logic, reason, and lucid debate about the subject. At no point was I trying to bend rules, or change rules to benefit me in the game of warhammer. I’ve never even played a full game of warhammer (but I’ve been in the hobby for years, and this doesn’t make me any less capable of understanding the rules), so why would I be trying to cheat?

I never insulted anyone, and I never accused anyone of being ridiculous or nonsense. I simply said that saying Chaos Dwarfs are not Dwarfs IS nonsense, and it is. You cannot say a Bluebird is not a bird, you cannot say a High Elf is not an Elf. Instead, people like Servius were throwing insults like saying I had “flawed logic” and expressing how he wanted to blacklist me and alert the tournament authorities. Is that really how you treat a newcomer to this forum? One who is creating and sharing a brand new chaos dwarf army, completely converted from current GW parts?

The entire post I provided sound arguments, and some of the time I was given good reasons and arguments back (like that the army isn’t ALL dwarfs). But the majority of my lengthy posts full of real reasons why the rule would NOW (as I know it didn’t in the past, but RULES CHANGE) apply to Chaos Dwarfs, were responded to with short posts that could be the equivalent of “NO. YOU ARE WRONG because I disagree with you, and that MAKES YOU WRONG!”. That is not the way to debate something. You lose logic when you just tell a person they are wrong and insult their character or motive for trying to uncover an answer.

The only purpose of my post was to figure out if the rule applies to Chaos Dwarfs in 7th edition. Chaos Dwarfs are an official army as per 7th edition rule book. The RULE BOOK is the legal authority on what is “legal” in the current edition of warhammer, NOT the GTs or any other Tournaments, as they exist OUTSIDE of the rules development and usual GW team. Storm of Chaos is only legal in “friendly games”, where as Chaos Dwarfs are legal as per the 7th Edition rulebook.

The rule did not have to say “Chaos Dwarfs” are also included in this benefit, because it clearly encompassed the entire race. If GW wants to fix and clear up the wording, then we should ask them to, and they might make an errata for it. But as the current rules read, ALL armies of Dwarfs receive +2 DD, and simply saying that they JUST DON’T doesn’t change the wording/ruling of the rulebook. Citing past rules and intentions has no relevance, as the rules are constantly changing and being updated. It is not unlikely AT ALL that GW noticed that they hadn’t given Chaos Dwarfs a magic resistance, despite everything in their fluff saying that they HAVE the same magical resistance as normal Dwarfs. It is not unlikely AT ALL, that GW would notice this error, and correct the wording of the rulebook to include all armies of Dwarfs. Whether that was their intention, it is what they achieved with the latest rulebook. Neither you nor I know what they really intended, instead we are expected to play as the rules are written. The rules are CLEARLY written to include any army made of Dwarfs, and that is how we are expected to play. If it was a mistake, then it will likely be fixed soon enough. I will even write to GW for further clarification of the matter.

If you have a sound argument why Chaos Dwarfs in 7th edition are not going to receive a benefit that any army of Dwarfs are written to receive, then I encourage you to post it (unless it’s one that we’ve already discussed and debated). There is nothing wrong with playing devil’s advocate, and no one ever solves any real problems without looking at BOTH sides of an issue. I have been doing that this entire time. Just because it makes YOU emotional and makes you upset and want to close down a post because it annoys and bothers you, doesn’t mean you have the authority to close the subject. If you do, then you are abusing your power, plain and simple.

I would hope people can treat each other with more respect around here in the future. Especially towards people who are new to the forum, or I wouldn’t think you’ll get many more members.


Thommy H:

If you have a sound argument why Chaos Dwarfs in 7th edition are not going to receive a benefit that any army of Dwarfs are written to receive, then I encourage you to post it (unless it's one that we've already discussed and debated).
We have. I'm sorry everyone's perfectly good, logical, well explained reasons weren't good enough for you, but what are we supposed to do? If you're wrong you're wrong. You can keep arguing but no one agrees with you, so what's the point?

And you weren't "censored". The topic was locked because it was unproductive.


It was a heated debate, and it wasn’t moving along at all. The reasons for the thread being closed were mentioned in the closing post (Actually even had two explanations). There’s not need to start another of these threads after the last one was lock. There’s even less need for a thread beginning in such an inflammatory manor.

If you have a problem with the admins or mods, take it up with them personally. This isn’t the place for “rabel rousing” speeches, so something like this should have gone directly to the mods themselves.

Pyro Stick:

If chaos dwarfs were magic resistant then there Sorcerors wouldnt turn to stone. Its as simple as that.

btw be prepared for this thread to get locked as well. imo it was a bad choice starting it.


Discussions are good, as long as the people take it for what they are worth. Counter view points are not a bad thing. Someone who holds a differing viewpoint is not necessarily a bad thing either as it may cause you to consider something you hadn’t previously.

I hold no stake in this discussion either way, except to say that Hashut’s Blessing locked the last one and I don’t see the need to continue Round II in this one.