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I cant find this in the rulebook: if a single character ( that has not joined an unit ) with a shield and handweapon is attacked in the flank,

does he still get +2 to his armoursaving- throw as characters do not really have flanks or rear? And what about skirmishers?

( If the character is attacked from two directions i understand that the shield not gives +2 in both directions )

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In 7th edition?

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I guess so.

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In this case the shield always gives the +2 armor save in 7th no matter what direction you got charged from. Since a single character on foot will pivot towards it’s enemy automaticly, just like a skirmisher. Unless you are already in combat ofc.

As for skirmishers they are stacked as a unit when they are charged or charge themselves but have 360 sight. So they count as having no flanks/rear unless they are already in combat with another unit. So if they are charged by one unit, they are stacked up like a front rank unit. So their shield bonus works. If they are still in a combat and are charged again, they have flanks/rear. So they lose the shield bonus towards that flank/rear.

We had a lot of discussions about this particular situation and asked multiple gw store clerks and tournement judges. In the end we got this awnser and continued to use it.

I’m glad that the 8th edition rulebook is much clearer in such cases. As of yet I haven’t found a single situation I couldn’t find the awnser about in the new rulebook.


Thank you very much for the help:hat off