[Archive] Sisters of Battle?


Does anyone know of a Sisters of Battle forum ? Im looking for some ideas for a bunch of em I got laying around and not inspired to do anything with them,


There must be one out there some where, i to have a sisters army which i have not played with in years, i must find them and dig them out for a game , if you find a forum ping me a PM with the address as would be good to have a look


a bloke in our club directed me to the “Bell of Lost Souls” site when I asked once other than that I wouldn’t know. http://www.belloflostsouls.net/

Thommy H:

There doesn’t seem to be a dedicated Sisters of Battle or Witch Hunters forum anywhere, but Bolter and Chainsword has an Inquisition sub-forum here which might meet your needs.



That’s because there are loads of rumours about their upcoming codex on there. :wink:


Nah, I think he just likes that site, as I asked him about the sisters at least 2 years ago. I have a small force (though I haven’t played at all yet) and would prefer to make them “Twisted Sisters” but a paint job that looks like “Dee Snider” would be a bit garish


I have to say, it is funny - that you cannot find a forum dedicated to the Sisters/Witch Hunters… out there on the interweb :wink:

But maybe there is, I had played CD for years - and never hear nor find this great CD forum, so maybe there is a WH Forum somewhere out there on the interweb…


Odd I called a freind whom I knew was going to the nottingham store today to get me a Excorsist When he looked he couldnt find. Asking a jumpered staff member he was told “we’re currently out of stock of the Sisters of Battle kits” At the nottingham store. How very odd.


From what I’ve read they are mid way through sculpting the new sisters. They could be finished by now. So possibly they could see an end of year release.

I guess the nottingham store is like any other in how it runs it’s stock. Unless you mean the warhammer world store?


the Nottingham store is small, it has one staff member Andy I believe , the one in WHW is huge, there’s a rumour sisters will be canned tbh

i didn’t like the way they tacked them into whichunters, i had a huge army of them but them my puppy ate them… :(, she was sick but fine

the thing i was told that the plastic kit couldn’t be done so there phasing them out


Over on Dakka several people have cornered Jes Goodwin who is sculpting the new sisters and asked him a few things.  They are being canned in the form of Witch hunters, but are being redone as Codex:  Sisters of Battle.

One of these people mentioned that jes said he was having trouble doing the robes effectively, so that may be where a rumour that they ‘couldn’t be done’ came from.

Presumably since GW released their pdf for free they have stopped producing the old models almost entirely and are running down stocks globally.  So I wouldn’t expect the exorcist to be in stock any time soon tbh.

Thommy H:

The Exorcist was always a limited run anyway, wasn’t it?


Unless you mean the warhammer world store?

Indeed Grim I did mean the warhamer world store. So Gamesworkshop are phaseing out another army. Unless they will be moving away from the OMGBEWBIES force from when they were launched. And no the Excorcist wasnt a limited run the tank retails for £36 normaly but to have none seams a bit odd. Seams that day of pointing at a miniture in a catalouge and 15 minuites later is was in a re sealable bag in your hands are long gone "Boo hiss !" ;)