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Most of the stuff bout music on this forum always ends up with metal, what about ska? just me? Whats your favorite band/s?

Kera foehunter:

I like maddness and fishbone but i tend to favior Reggae. where Bob marley is king!!


Yeh i can get the Bob marley, but what about the Specials, English beat, Bad manners…


I grew up on Ska, but its never been “a big thing” for me. That slot was filled with metal and punk. Notable mentions though: Madness, Bad Manners, English Beat, some Mr. Bungle. Recently: Mighty Bosstones, Skaface.

I’m waiting for the Ska-black metal crossover revolution. :slight_smile:

For some reason I want to mention “Skindred” but I guess they’re not classified as Ska… /shrug

Pyro Stick:

For some reason I want to mention "Skindred" but I guess they're not classified as Ska... /shrug

I was told that skindrid is like death metal reggae type music. Sounds fairly wrong.

What is ska anyway?


I like all sorts from The Kinks to Richie Hawtin Techno, I like the Specials, Message to U Rudy is me fave. Madness are great. Dont think I’ve met anyone who doesnt like Ska stuff, it may not be that popular but everyone can stand it I think

Not a metal fan but like Metallicas old stuff


What is ska anyway?

Pyro Stick
faster paced, more 'rocky' Reggae, more or less, download some specials or something, you'll know it when you hear it

Kera foehunter:

yea i like bad manners. i like walking in sunshine a slower beat. but lip up fatty is the bomb


Reel big fish , mighty mighty bosstones, alaska, go jimmy go, Ska-p, 3 minute warning, change up, cumshot, deal´s gone bad, Le braghe court, no authority, sadies doll, Ska-wars, the toasters, tim armstrong. All awesome bands and if ya like Ska all of them are worth checking out. Probably forgot a few but cant keep of em in my head.

Peace :smiley:


Capdown, King prawn, Voodoo glowskulls. If you like skacore



Metal-Ska fusion? Or something other-ska fusion? Punk?



Ska-metal fusion with double bass pedal, generally a fair bit faster too, still fairly smooth though. Does it for me


Did anyone else here attend Madness’ reunion concert (Madstock) at Finsbury Park in '92? Martin


Ska now we are talking the selecter rule oh the memories the two tone blue and purple suit ,the pork pie hat 28 years ago i went to see the beat ,madness,the specials lol

Bit more into the JAH shaka sound systems for dub reggae fusions now but ska is cool:hat