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Howdy gang,

Back in the states for the holidays (Boston) and had some freetime to kick around so I played my CD list against my Mortals Choas warrior list.

My CD list is as follows… 2K

Lvl2 Sorc with Dispel (general) (fire magic)

lvl 2 sorc with dispel scroll (death magic)

BSb with banner of slavery

19 Chaos Dwarves with shields and FC and war banner (CD1 from now on)

General and Bsb joined here

19 Chaos dwarves with shields and FC (CD 2)

Other sorceror here

20 blunderbusses (BB from now on)

20 hobgoblins with FC and shields and light armour (hobos from here)

10 wolf riders with light armour, shields and bows (wolf boyz)

20 Black Orcs with full command (BO)

Death rocket

20 sneaky gitz with champion

bolt thrower

2 earth shaker cannons

Mortals list

Hero on steed with shield( with knights) (general)

Sorceror with scroll on chariot

20 maruders with full command (M1)

20 Marauders with full command (M2)

5 chaos hounds (hounds 1)

5 chaos hounds (hounds 2)

5 Marauder horsemen with flails (flails 1)

5 Marauder horsies with flails (flails 2)

3 units of 4 trolls (t1, t2, t3)

5 Chaos knights with full command (knights)

Chaos Shrine

2 spawn (Sp 1 and 2)

The Mortals are slightly under points…  by like 50-80 points…  Need to rejig list…

Anywhoooo…  I switched sides every half a turn and tried to play my best on both sides.  I am not very good at this fantasy thing but I gave it a go…  Would appreciate any glaring errors I made…  (don’t think there are any)…

Setup…  CD’s (left to right CD perspective)

Wold riders/ death rocket… BB/ hobos/ CD1/ BO/ SG/ CD2/… BT

Earth shakers are on hill behind black orcs…  terrain plays no further part in the battle so I will skip additional commentary…

Spells:  Fire: Fire ball, firey blast

Death: Wind of death, the one that causes fear…

Setup:  Mortals… (left to right Mortals view)

flails1/ hounds 1/ spawn1/ Marauder1/ t1/t2/knights with general/ troll3/ marauder 2/ shrine/ chariot/ spawn 2/flails2/hounds 2

All in one line…

Shrine caused knights to +1 str

Spell: Burning head

CD’s roll to go first…


Turn 1:

Animosity: SG surge 3

Wolf unit walks up a bit and nothing else moves

Magic: Out of range for most stuff so I cast Walking death on Black orcs with IF

Shooting: Wolves miss flails 2

ES 1 missfires but is alright for next turn.

ES 2 kills one knight and only puts out a 2 inch shake… WTF!!!

DR scatters 10 inches to the middle of nowhere…

Bolt thrower hits Marauder1 and fails to wound…

Yikes… Not a very good go at things!

Mortals 1:

Stupidity: Trolls 1 fail… Everyone fine

Spawn move up 5 and 6 respectfully and everyone else surges forward except for chariot which hangs back with shrine and knights who hang back with t2 and t3…

Magic: Mage casts burning head with IF but is out of range of the BlunderBusses.

CD Turn 2:

Animosity: Sg surge 4 again…

CD2 sneaks a bit behind the gitz but noone else moves.

Magic: Fiery blast at trolls 2 goes off but is scrolled.

Fireball at same unit is likewise dispelled with dice.

Wind fails to go off.

Shooting. Wolf boyz kill one marauder horse man from flails 2

DR scatters 8 this time… Must be getting better at aiming…

ES 1 misfires again but again can fire next turn

ES 2 scatters 6 but shakes 10 slowing all troll units and the knights

bolt thrower misses troll unit 2

So far this is appalling shooting for me… Hope it gets better…

Mortals 2:

Spawn move 5 and 8 respectively

Stupidity: trolls three fail while everyone else passes…

Trolls 2move up to where they can charge the gitz next turn and I am pretty sure the gitz cannot charge back)

T1 moves up inline with the knights and the rest of their buddies.

Flails and hounds 1 get right in front of wolf boyz to try and blck them from getting behind Mortals line

Everyone else steams forward… Chariot stays with shrine again…

Magic: Burning head goes off on BB but is scrolled…


CD turn 3

Animosity:  Wolf riders get excited and surge 6! into the Flails 1 unit

Hobos surge 3 and the SG are fine for once…

BB move up alongside the hobos as do CD1 and the Black Orcs (all about three inches)

This gets the marauder unit in front of the BB firmly in range…  Not sure how many though…

Sneaky gitz fearing stinky troll loving back up a few inches…


Fiery blast goes off on trolls 2 and does 4 wounds

fireball also goes off on the same unit…  but despite rolling 5 hits does no wounds…  GRUMBLE

Wind of death fails to go off…


Wolves fighting for lives…  n/a

BB’s range in for 15 possibles…  End up killing 6 Marauders

DR…  GRUMBLE…  Scatters 6 off chariot to go… nowhere…

ES1: Scatters off knights but hits trolls 3…  does 3 wounds but 2 regenerate giving that unit a roll on the eye of the Gods table…  Magic res (3)

ES2: Misfires next turn no shooting…  Tired of this scattering and misfire business!  My guesses were fairly good for a change.

Bolt thrower also continues to disappoint with a massive miss against the trolls2

Combat:  Wolf riders wipe out the flail riders and move 7 to get out of everyone’s charge arc… or so I thought…

Mortals turn 3:

Looking from the other side of the table I realize that the spawn is right next to the wolfriders.  That spawn rolls 11 easily making the distance flank charging the wolves.  Who hold…  This is probably a dumb move but I was worried that I could not roll higher than a ten with three dice…  (bad luck so far)  That being said the wolves pass their fear test.

Stupidity:  Troll unit 1 is stupid…

Everyone else is dandy…

one unit of hounds charge the DR and the other the bolt thrower.  

Chariot charges BB as does the shrine but shrine is well out (just because it looks like a chriot doesn’t mean it is one!)…

BB stand and shoot and miss…  

Troll3 tries to charge SG but they flee behind CD2.  Trolls move up 6 inches and pick their noses (and beltch).

Magic: none

Combat: Hounds wiff their attacks on the BT whose crew kills two back causing the hounds to run 11…  (They never rally and are not mentioned again)

The hounds have more luck and kill one CD DR crew for no return hits…  Crewman left holds.

Chariot in total kills 4 with no wounds back.  Tied combat and noone has a muso…  

Spawn kills three wolves but wolves pass test…

Chaos Dwarf Turn 4:

Animosity: Everyone is fine…  SG rally.

Charges: Hobos into the depleted Marauder 2

Black Orcs pass fear test and go into trolls 2

Movement:  CD1 back up a little

CD2 turn and face MAr 1

Shooting: Bolt thrower misses spawn

ES1: scatters off of knights

ES2: stunned from last turn

DR: Fighting HTH

Combat:  Hounds finish off DR and run off board edge

Black orcs choose to use 2 hand weapons and cause 6 wounds…  regen 3…

Trolls do one back.  Trolls fail test and are run down leaving the Black orcs standing out in the middle of nowhere…

Hobos miss with everything. Marauders kill one back but Hobos pass test.

Chariot only causes one wound.  BB’s do one back…  Chariot fails and runs 11…  BB’s run into Shrine

Spawn and wolves play pattycake…  Spawn passes test…

Mortals turn 4:

Chariot continues to run (stupid roll of 11) another 12 inches…

Noone is stupid this turn.

Troll3 charges flank of Hobos

Troll1 charges BO.  BO hold as they are too close to try and run.

Knights flank charge BO…  Uh…oh…

Flails2 charge Bolt thrower crew…

Marauder 1 moves up to charge CD2 next turn.  Spawn moves up next to it

Hounds move back on board eyeing Earth shaker crews…

Flails smash the bolt thrower crew and go off table

Challenge: My hero does one wound to BO champ

Knights kill 4 black orcs

trolls kills three BO’s…

Now I have a rules question… Because there is a challenge does that mean I should have only done the hero challenge and everyone else watches? new to WFB… HELP!!!

Result doesn’t change though as BO’s roll a 10 for their test and RUN!

Trolls kill three hobos… Marauders fail to wound but so does the hobos… Hobos run screaming. Get run down…

BB and shrine do nothing…

Spawn and wolf riders also do nothing…


Chaos Dwarf turn 5:  Animosity: SG bicker… oh course they do…  GRUMKBLE!!!

CD2 barely in range to charge knights…  Knights think this is funny so flee 11 to turn around next turn…(we’ll see)

CD1 Just short (not a pun…  OK maybe it is) of Marauders 1.


fiery blast does 5 wounds to trolls three despite their nifty magic resist (3) and they run 8 away…  Oh crap my general and the knights are running…  No LD bonus…  CRAP!

Fireball miscasts ending magic phase…

Combat:  Spawn does one wound… it is still out numbered and the wolf riders have banner so…  it passes its test…

BB do nothing to Shrine which does three hits back…  passes test.

Before I move onto Mortal turn 5…  has anyone noticed what I forgot?  S H O O T I N G!!!  Two earthshakers sat and did nothing this turn…  NICE!!!  No more cold meds for me…

Mortals turn 5: Knights keep running…  OOOOoooopppsss…  so does the chariot… and the trolls (3)…  CRAP!!!

Stupidity:  Trolls1 and 2 fail test and do nothing.  YAY!!!

Fully intact marauders and spawn charge into CD2

Hounds move up to within 4 inches of E.S.1

Marauder2 turns to face CD1

Shrine kills three BB’s… Tie result… again…

spawn kills 1 wolf again… passes test

Other spawn wounds three CD who pass their armour saves… Don’t know to laugh or curse at that one… Marauders do a better job and kill one Chaos dwarf. None back but test is passed… HASHUT!!!

The End game:

CD turn 6:

Animosity: none



CRUD I just erased everything I had written… Gotta have dinner with inlaws… Finish in a few hours… REALLY SORRY!!!


This is always an interesting exercise since I content it is near impossible to play objectively for both sides.


Interesting exercise but I do not get the point, is it funny? Do not think so… :frowning:

Was it so difficult to find a sparring partner?

Kera foehunter:

  • kera sit and read this while twisting her hair around her finger*

    Hey !! Who won !!!even better what did you eat !


When you are still learning the rules (again) it is an interesting excercise…  I recommend it at least once in your life…  I at least then try crazy crap I would never do against someone else.  As for no partner…  I am in the states (Boston) visiting my parents and all of my regular gaming friends are in Melbourne, Australia…  I am also trying to get ready for a massive tourney at the end of the month…

I’ll get to who won…   :)    I had steak with garlic mashed potatoes and assorted greens…  Good stuff…

Where was I?

CD Turn 6:

No animosity

Magic: Firey blast dispelled…

Fire ball kills two marauders

SG decide to toughen up and charge Trolls with help of Slavery banner.

Shooting:  ES 1 and 2 both kill 2 marauders off of Marauder unit2 leaving 7…

Combat:  Spawn kills another wolf… test passed

Other spawn does no wounds but the marauders kill one CD out of CD2.

CD2 does one wound back at marauders…  Test passed… (lose by outnumber)

SG roll 6, 6’s for poison! trolls regen 1!

Trolls kill 2 back. Looses by lots and gets run down by SG…

SG follow into the Marauders fighting CD2

Mortals turn 6:

Knights fail to rally again and run off the board!

Trolls run again…  Chariot off the table…  Sigh…

Stupidity fail on trolls left…  

Hounds charge ES1

Flails charge ES2

Marauders2 stand rather than charge CD1 which is the closest thing to a deathstar unit the CD have and the marauders are down to 7 dudes…


Spawn finally gets tough and eats the rest of the wolves…

The hounds cause the ES1 crew to run and overun into combat for ES2.

Between the flails and the hounds ES2 is wiped out.

Shrine kills another Bb for a tied result. (need a musician)

Spawn and marauders kill a few CD for nothing back… CD2 hold but SG run for it. So much for the heroic gitz…

Game ends…

Chaos dwarves have



and half their blunderbuses left…

and all thier characters

Mortals have:

Marauder unit1 intact

both spawn


1/2 marauder2

1 unit of hounds and flails

Don’t think stupid trolls count?

I think mortals squeek ahead points wise… Then again maybe not… (totals not here and jetlag killing me)…

I am sure either way it is a tie…

And for the record that was the worst shooting my CD’s have ever had… albeit that nothing blew up but everything scattered all over the joint and one misfire a turn is a bit steep.

Should not have run with knights as hero could have done well in a challenge and no hero doomed my trolls to stupidity big time…


Kera foehunter:

So what type of steak ? homemade MASH potatoes ? greens like turnips or collar greens

since it was a tie i wounder about supper that sound more like a winner


LOL… It was a local restaurant that was like home cooking… The food was fantastic…

Definately a winner…

Auretious Taak:

That doesn’t answer us on what you had to drink though! id the drinka ffect your mind or what?

Also, I’ve done the play by yourself thing with mordheim, damn but having a sniping band stand off against a band that has gone to ground and is hiding is amusing when you play yourself, the arguments you get to have as you swap personna’s! :stuck_out_tongue:


Auretious Taak.



sometimes it really is difficult to find someone to play with. I would go weeks without a game because everyone i know is to busy.

I’ve done this before and Willmark is right no matter how hard you try you always favor one force above the other. but it can be fun:)