[Archive] Skabrad's CD army now with direct links


Sorry about the shoddy hosting before here are direct links and more piccies…


P.S. The lighting does wash out the BRIGHT colours of this army…  big time…

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage





The two Bowmen units are identical in every way BUT their hats are different and their photos are taken next to eachother and the lighting has completely changed the colour…  This is one example of how far out of wack the colour comes across…  Anyone have a good way of fixing that?

Ghrask Dragh:

Excellent army skabrad’, really nice collection of mini’s :hat off

Kera foehunter:

wow what a great army !!! i love the blunderbuss in the squar formation !!!


How many points good Sir? :slight_smile: A medal is most likely in order! :smiley:

Pyro Stick:

Nice looking army. Although i dont think the bull centaurs standard is supposed to be bent.

To fix your photos, load them into photoshop and adjust the brightness and contrast. I have to do that quite often as i have terrible lighting in my house.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Excellent, and thanks for the new pics/views! However, I still have the questions…

How long have you had the army/minis…

When did you paint them? How often do you play them?

Also, I really like the warrior units…maybe the lighting, but they look like they are really sharp, and probably look better in person…excellent!


WOOOW! nice army you got! Nice classics dude! Really cool that you got an original earthshaker! Where did you get the banners with the bullshead on top?


Well…  They were the chaos dwarf blunderbusses used in the General’s Comp. a few years back…  They were mine by then…

This army started life as the US GW Studio Chaos Dwarf army.  It was small and used for promo events (like gamesday and battle tours and the like).  It was retired rather early in its life and was given to me by the promo department in acknowledgement of past sins.  Since then I have repainted parts of models and in some cases completely repainted units.  

That is only part of the army.  The rest is an equalish sized army I bought from a co-worker who was going to throw them out.  They were rush painted and very sad little buggers.  I have stripped and repainted lots of those models and have been using them to pad out existing units and make new ones…  There are piles of those yet to do.  

I have added a few of my own brand new additions to the army recently…  Black orcs, a new unit of warriors to use as immortals, two more bolt throwers… etc…  that will be on display soon.  

The army has won best painted in several tournies ( a few GW staff events, and a few independent tournies)…

What else…  The army has been played as 5K using three earthshakers (the other two are horrible and need a serious stripping), two death rockets (one bad one), three bull centaur units (two of which you can see here minus a std bearer)…  It is a very large army…  And alot of fun to play…  (Nicely painted I would say it is about3.5 K)… I LOVE my black orcs and need to get them photographed and added shortly…

Sorry about the banner poles…  Storage was not nice to the army and I need to re-pin the stds on the Bulls and the wolves…  Lots left to do…  Sigh…

Thanks guys (and Gals) I am really glad someone likes the army I get nothing but grief from my friends for using them…


Much, much better on the links ,excellent job.


I envy you so deeply! :h You got them from someone who was going to waste them… :o I hope you sacrificed him to Hashut  for the abominion he was going to do :hashut

I love your mass of little buggers, I think I’m going to sell my car and get their little brothers from internet… :stuck_out_tongue:

I love even your bright 90’s style colors, I could only imagine the horror in the face of your younger opponents when they face them, ahahahhaha! :hat

and when they stare with horrified eyes, smash them with the three earthshakers!! Muaaaaaaah! :hashut :cheers


I agree with Bassman on the colour - I love the old school colour style :slight_smile:

Wow great army mate :cheers


Great looking army you got there - skabradisdead. Now give that man a medal :wink: