[Archive] Skaven/Warriors Team


Hey guys, my friend and I just decided to do the team tourney at Adepticon and I was wondering if anyone had any advice. We play skaven and warriors of chaos. I think the two armies really fill in each others weaknesses. I never really played a team game like this so i dont really know how to build the army and I’ve also never been in a tournament before. If anyone has any advice i’d really appreciate it!


The logical thing to do imo is to go cavalry heavy with WoC, and bulk up the numbers with the skaven.

A doomwheel would be good for a mix of combat and shooting, maybe a hellcannon on the WoC side for added support. What sized armies on both sides?


1000 per side

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1000 is not much for WoC, but I’ll have a go at putting together some ideas.


You could also look here or here for ideas to get you started. You might have to go through a few pages, but you should be able to find something.


Talk to your teammate and decide on a battleplan.  You could very effectively do a magic-heavy list between the two of you.  He could bring the shooting and you could bring the muscle.  He could hold the middle while you charge up the flanks with fast stuff.  And there are plenty more fun combinations between the two of you.  

You should bring Dogs as redirectors because as WoC you can reroll panic (less panic for Skaven is good!).  That will leave him more points for sneaky Skaven stuff!