[Archive] Skavenblight Gazette issue #13 released

Skaven Lord Vinshqueek:

Squeek-squeek, merry Ratzmas! In advance of the big man with the red suit and his reindeer, Squeeky Claws is here with the latest issue of the Skavenblight Gazette.

In our celebratory number thirteen issue, we have an interview with none other then Black Library author William King! In addition, we have Seer Squeek once more advising those that seek his counsel, the contest winners of our Show Your Inner Skaven contest, a feature gallery of the big and powerfull creatures that roam the Skaven territories, a closer look at who the editors of this webmagazine really are, an interview with regular illustrator Craig Lee and a Construction Workshop article on converting your Screaming Bell into a Plague Claw Catapult.

Don’t miss any of it. Get reading!



Hooray more skaven goodness! Now all I need is the Word of Hashut!


Thanks for the info

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I haven’t actually downloaded one of these in over a year, but as I happen to be working through my Gotrek and Felix books again (up to Beastslayer atm), I found you William King interview very interesting indeed.

I’ll be submitting some pestilens pics to you guys at some point soon for #14.

Obsidian Muse:

…Please tell me I’m not the only one who noticed that the cover looks like the Last Supper.


...Please tell me I'm not the only one who noticed that the cover looks like the Last Supper.

Obsidian Muse
Ahahahahahah LOL :)
it's true!!! I can assure as I watch the original almost every day!

Who is the author of this masterpiece?

:hat off