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Kera foehunter:

well never though of it !!! thanks swiss


basically they live right on the beach and they’re constantly subject to floods so they build these wooden buildings that come up off the ground like houses back east where it snows, and they constantly make slaves cutt back the jungles because of the mosquitoes, they were causing disease in the tribes…and theres like one great big giant fortification built of wood thats constantly being added to… this would be a really cool terrain project


They still need alot of work, cleaning up painting more grennstuff scales like the champion has…other than that i hope y’all enjoy

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks Kool!

Swiss, I sell a bunch of palm trees from Woodland Scenics that are intended for HO scale model trains. They could work for the beach scene.

Are the huts set on wooden piers?


Nice work Alex, there are some clever conversions in there.

Good job! :cheers


looks cool,like the guy in the first pic

what is his head from?normal marauder?

i remember that list in the wd,and i also remember some minis called skeggi warriors

they where also shown in that wd(in germany),have to look it up


basically marauders with flagellent and marauder horsemen heads… various bitz… chaos thugs… and a couple chaos frogmen (aka slann) to taunt all those lizardmen players


First and third pics in that lot are 100% TECHNO VIKING!!! My personal hero…


Where are the Slann? Are they the original slann or old slotta slann? I can’t see them in the pics…


The Legend of Kremlo the Slann", in which a slann brave was washed ashore at Skeggi and raised by the Norse living there. Kremlo grows up as a Norse Warrior and eventually the Slann try to get him back by force.

Sounds like the plot of the film "Pathfinder".



Or any other “chosen one” tale really. Still, its a good go. This forum posted a section of the scenario, if you’re interested in the fluff and stats. It is WFB ed 1 rules though. :slight_smile:

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Kera foehunter:

great army alex thanks for some hints


Those look really nice. Might have to make a small tribe myself, maby 10 custom mauraders, 5 chaos cold one knights, chaos lord on a stegy … that last one might be pushing it.


the marauder tribes of skeggi are also more longship riding, drunk, savage, beserk, pirating, seafaring than other norse, Although they won’t win you games, like kera mentioned, they make sweet raiding parties for scenarios and campaign… i usually use like a couple of the marauder lords from the white dwarf and any number of the following;

skeggi warriors- as standard marauders

cold one riders- as marauder horsemen

chaos hounds- as themselves

all the elements of a skeggi army oh yeah, and youve got to have some chaos thugs!! yeah some…most, are really lame/cheesy, but others make the best damn mooks ive ever seen! morheim anyone?

wooden pickles, you could use the rules for a chaos lord on daemonic mount for a steggy rider… or, there is this reaper model i think its called a krung it totally looks like something vin diesel would ride…

i will wed the first guy to use a krung beast in a chaos army

Kera foehunter:

im the first girl to use a krug beast as a taurus here !!

well i might start on this army this week end


no way!! nice, you should show me a picture.

Kera foehunter:

here the link still not all the way done



totaly forgot about the krung beast, you ever get that feeling that you have so much stuff you forget what you have.

Kera foehunter:

well most time ,the only figure that i know quite well is my unfinished Taurus !!

so i have to get back on it!!

Kera foehunter:

up date as tommy h said uk 209 had rules

but i found out from my dad that the white us 307 August 2005

has the rules to and he has a copy Yipee !!!

so im going to start soon