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It has come to the time where I’m considerring my colour scheme. I’m pretty sure on the majority (very dark red, somewhere along the lines of 2:1 chaos black: scab red to 1:2 CB: SR, with brazen brass/tin bits metals, the odd bit of boltgun metal to make them look like they used to be shiny), but I’m a bit unsure on the skin colour. I’ve come down to a few options, and hopefully you can help me:

1) DARTH MAUL: Basically, this is bright red skin with black tattoos, a-la darth maul. Beards are black/dark brown. I’m thinking I could finally get my mechrite red put to good use with this one, though it may clash with the rest of the model.

2) KOBARF: In homage to Kobarf’s avvy, which I really like, this one would be something along the lines of Hormagaunt purple, tentacle pink, elf flesh, and an ink wash. Beards are black/dark brown/grey. I don’t know how that’d look with the rest of the model, wether it would clash or fit in well.

3) NORM: This would be the usual dwarf skintone, dark flesh, dwarf flesh, elf flesh. Beards are black/dark brown. This is the generally accepted colour for a dwarf, and I know I can paint it pretty well. The downside is, every dawi and his granny have this skin.

4) DUERGAR: Based on the D&D Drow/Duergar, which is something I’ve always loved, this would range from almost black, with very few dark grey highlights, to a sort of fortress grey with white highlights. Beards are white (not grey. White). The problem with this is that there is no real reasoning for this; it just is…

I’ve got a bit of a spectrum, from competely daemonic, to slightly tainted, to traditional dwarf to traditional evil dwarf. Let me know which you prefer with the little poll-thingy up yonder ^.

Thankski veryski muchski budskis!



I voted “Kobarf” as it sounds like an interesting color scheme. You could do darth mauls skin on one special unit to make it stand out. The rest should look good with the purplish theme.


I vote for the Darth Maul’d tattoo action, cuz no one else is doing it! I quite like my codex grey/bleached bone blended skin, so that would be closest to the duergar bit, but I definitely think you should try something unique and I definitely like the sounds of the red/black tattoos.


I use Vallejo leather brown, then 50% VLB/50% Dwarf Flesh, then 50% VLB/50% Bronzed flesh.

Not sure which one I should vote for. Norm?

Border Reiver:

Of the ones you’ve listed I say do duergar.

It fits with some of the fluff about our sorcerers turning to stone and would probably look really sharp with bronze armour.

If you have the minis, you might consider painting a sample of each.


I voted Kobarf naturally :cheers

I have some other artwork I’ve done a while back, still have to post it, but it also shows the purple hue skintone. I think it sets off nicely against the dark red and dark mettalic armour and gives a great industrial, toxic, “we never come out much” look to your dwarves.


P.S.: nice to hear you like my avatar :hat off


i say duergar - just because it is something no-one else has done yet, and the whole point of making a chaos dwarf army is that you have created something original.


So, I’ve come to the conclusion that, over a few forae, people want to see either Duergar or Kobarf schemes. So I’m going to paint up a few testers of each, and let you tell me which you prefer “in the flesh”.

Thanks for voting!


yeah thats probably the best way. I always do that when im trying out something new and dont know which colours to choose. It will also show you if one particular way is just too much effort to paint (ever tried imperial fists before these fancy new foundation paints were released???) or you just cant blend the colours how you want them.

Pyro Stick:

I just use normal dwarf flesh skin tones. It seems to work fine for my army. I dont feel the need to give them weird coloured faces. Why would they in the first place?


Why would they in the first place?

Pyro Stick
Industrial contaminants?
Toxic residue?
Selective breeding?
Hashut likes it that way?
Bored wargamers looking for something to talk about whilst passing the time of day?

In my case it would be the latter option. And I like them looking different to normal stunties (it lets laypeople know they're special).


Ok, heres a tester for the DUERGAR scheme. The quality isn’t excellent, and the white is WAAAY off (just slapped plain white on, forgot about the various greys…whoops) but you get the gist of what I’m thinking. KOBARF will be coming once I get some more tent. pink and ink.


Darth maul all the way

Kera foehunter:

I say paint them granny skin… ( nomal dwarf .)


i voted darth maul, but thats how ima do my greenskins.


I would say either normal colour or a slightly darker than normal skin tone, to represent that they live in what is essentially a ash wasteland and they would therefore probally be a bit more tanned than there cousins who live underground.

Futhermore if we look at this from a realist point of view why would they all be a unnatural colour. toxic residue would explain one or two odd coloured CD’s but Chaos Dwarves are stubborn and proud so they would probally reject the idea of oddly coloured dwarflings. However they accept hooves and tusks so perhaps they might accept being red or blue ect as a blessing of hashut But this wouldnt explain an enitre army of blue or red CD’s

However if you just think they look interesting then yeah sure go for it.


I like the darkened clour scehme on the sorcerer. How about a contrast, using the dark duergar scheme for the stony sorcerers and the brighter scheme for the warriors?