[Archive] Skullcracker base?


Hello guys

so for the skullcracker,does it need a base? or should I just roll unbased?


Warmachines don’t need bases.

But I’ve put bases under all my warmachines - just for the looks of it.

The last ETC base size you could choose (option because base is not required) for a skullcracker was 80*100 mm as I recall.


Since the Iron Daemon and Skullcracker are actually Unique Unittype and not warmachines they should actually have a base i guess?

And Bloodbeard is right about the ECT base size:

Skullcracker: 80100

Iron Daemon: 60

Thommy H:

There aren’t any rules that relate unit type to base size (except that war machines don’t need one) - you just whatever base it’s sold with. Since the Skullcracker doesn’t come with one, it doesn’t have one. However, since it’s treated as a chariot for most of its rules, it probably ought to be on a chariot base.


Forgeworld said the Iron Daemon should go on a 100x60 (screaming bell) base.

If you ask me a skullcracker is still an iron daemon, so I’d base it on that.


Aight,so do you recommend adding a base or not?


I will base mine on a 80*100 following the ETC since it is a unique unit and not a warmachine, but no where is this required either by RAW or RAI, so you can choose to do whatever you want


It’s not necessary, but for aesthetic reasons more than rules I recommend you to put Iron Daemons and Skullcrackers on Screaming Bell bases.


Do they even fit? The Skullcracker in particular looks (from memory) to be much, much longer than 100mm.


They fit better than the 6th edition wyvern on its 50*50 base if you remember that monstrosity :wink:

The skullcracker might have some hammers extending from the base but the core of the model should fit