[Archive] Skulls tournament 2200 points LOA


Ok day 1 of the Skulls tournament is over. This is my first time using the LOA list as I had to finish painting so missed a couple of practice games.

My 2200 list is:

Sorcerer Prophet

Level 4- Hashut

Mask of the furnace

Cown of command

Infernal Castellan


Great weapon


Armour of Bazherak the Cruel

Hobgoblin Khan

Giant wolf


Charmed shield


30 Infernal Guard


Full Command


20 Infernal Guard


Full Command

Great Weapons

Banner of eternal flame

19 Hobgoblin Cutthroats



Kdaai Destroyer


Game 1 was a 6 �?" 14 loss to daemons- 3 heralds and two hordes of blood letters , 2 units of fiends and some screamers. Destroyed one horde, some fiends and his herald on a disc but not too bad. Fun game with the sorcerer deciding to inflict wounds on himself through miscast and his darkforged weapon which led to his demise.

Game 2 was a 20 �?" 0 win against vampires. The blunderbuss derstroyed a horde of skeletons in two rounds of shooting and the kdaii and hellcannon mopped up everything else including a dual charge on another skeleton unit with vamp lord - the lord and his skelies popped after one turn. Lots of good results during magic which was unexpected against a vamp army with 3 magic users.

Game 3 was a 18 �?" 2 win against High elves. Man of the match (!) was the hellcannon. Destroyed swordmasters like it was going out of style with an honourable mention for the destroyer who was brutal. Saved the game for myself when a chariot, spearmen and an eagle broke through my lines and I made reroll of a break test thanks to the BSB.

Day 2 is seeded so I expect due to a couple of sneaky wins I will be playing the other daemon and ogre armies which have been dominating.

I am enjoying the LOA list and my entire army of big hats is generating lots of pleasant comments.