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Hi ! :hat off

At least (but not last) ten Blunderbusses done :smiley:


I like how you used the drill. My drills are steam-powered speark chukkas, but this is a good filler as well!


Hello there !!! :hat off

My Bullcentaur almost done.

I made use of Tjub’s tutorial from 5th issue of WofH.

Hope you like it !!! :cheers


Oh, that was some time ago. Cool to see that it got used! :slight_smile:

Im waiting for the “new” list to come out and then Im plaing to re do the centaurs with a new twist.


Nice looking Bull Centaur. I really like how you integrated the armour around the pony’s straps and buckles. I am sure there was a temptation to file it all back and cover the entire body with armour. The dwarf body carrying the great weapon looks very nicely intigrated into the model…fantastic work. I can’t wait to see it painted.

that guy:

I can only continue to repeat myself.It all looks great! So crisp and well executed.


Hi there ! :hat off

I’m trying to focus on simple but effective conversions for my ChD army.

I really like “Hannibal mask” theme.

Here are the results.

A few new things done :idea


death-lore sorcerrer

heavy blunderbuss (w.i.p.)


These are really well done and are looking fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more of them.


very nice work. liked the beard guards / bibs in the WIP’s pics and even more now they’re painted. great work on the characters, I even like the big hat and I’m not a big hat fan(atic)


I love the paint job of the (hob)goblins! keep it up!


Simple but effective. Good skull mask warriors, and great Bull Centaur. I especially like your big hat hero and the heavy blunderbusser.


Very very nice green stuff work. Very crisp and clean your sculpting has improved massively from your early posts. I like your big blunderbuss very cool and your bull centaur is very impressive. Very similar to mine as I followed Tjubs method too! Great stuff!


A bit of update !

First two ranks of the second blunderbuss unit.

Hope ya like it :hat off


Looks good, I like the heavy blunderbus idea! :slight_smile:

Blue in VT:

dude! those guys are scarey! nice work!



A short view for complete unit of Blunderbuss:


looking good, keep it up!


Its a great looking unit that you have there!


Very impressive army. A great conversion backed up with an awesome paint job hats off to you. :hat off . Very cool Bull centaur conversion good ones are hard to pull off (I know this from a few failed attempts). I’m glad you decided to get active in the community with an army like that. By the way consider the converted mark of Khorne Hashut runes stolen. I’ve been having love a hate relationships with the amount of undivided symbols in my army and I completely forgot how easy Hashut symbols are to convert.


do like the "hob"gobbo archers, it gives me an idea what my night gobbo’s will look like. I’ve started doing a Scab Red Hood with a sort of dirty grey cloak theme on a grassland base