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Hellooo there ! :hat off

I post my first minis for ChD army. So far greens only.

Originally BFSP minis, converted like in Xander’s tutorial. Will act as Warriors.

The “name” is obvieously inspired by masks :cheers

C&C welcomed !


Very nice first try there. Scales, beards and masks look really nice.

Not to sure about the ‘bibs’ (beard guards) though, to me they look a bit out of place.


very good so far I cant wait to see more man.

Waste Rider:

Piachu welcome to CDO forums :smiley:

These are great, simple and effective using skulls. I bet the mask will look primo when painted up.

2 cents on the beard armor: could be extended around the entire head to make a chain mail coif, a cool look IMO.


Looks great, cool to see some good looking BfSP conversions again…


Thx for comments :hat off

These are my very first sculpts so as you see are not perfect (bibs).

My previous expirience with greenstuff stopped at the level of filling gaps in minis x.x

It’s utterly new kind of work for me. If I get more and more skill, the sculpts and ideas would be much better.

Anyway, I will try my best :idea


Maybe not a big leap, but still kinda workin’ out :cheers

First ten ready for paintin’.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Nice use of the necron heads… these seem to make great masks!


Hellooo there ! :hat off

Result of my Easter holydays: first Warriors unit and Slavemaster :cheers


Really cool progress, the chain looks great, the hat conversion on the slavemaster looks awesome.

Great progress!


Looks great! I like the champion with the tusks… :slight_smile:

that guy:

I really like where this is going!Keep it up.


Hellooo ! :hat off

New guys here !

Daemonsmith Anarchist ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Captain Hook” kind of Death Rocket crewman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Waste Rider:

Well, an inspired touch on that Sorcerer, man… very cool conversion. I’m keepin’ an eye on this army for certain :smiley:

has all the elements of CDs I love… and well… skulls (and who doesn’t think skulls are cool?)


Hello there !!! :cheers

Recently “done” minis:

Rocket CREW:



keep up the good work.

Looking impressive


Nice work. I specially like your big hat, but I´m also a big hat fan :slight_smile:


Helllooooo there ! :hat off

Little update :cheers

Red-hood “hobgoblins”:

First unit of Warriors is finished:

Hope you like it ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Waste Rider:

This is an excellent looking unit of warriors, the paint job does wonders to the conversions… which were good ones :smiley:

& “hobgoblins” or an enslaved unit of night gobbos :stuck_out_tongue: whichever, I like the hoods and the basing on both units… really neat and tidy lookin’ like barren steppes of the wasteland. Nice work.

that guy:

really digging on the skull masks and the paint just makes it all that much better.It really “pops” in my opinion.Keep it up.