[Archive] Slaughter in the Southlands Campaign


Me and four friends from my gaming group are starting up a new fantasy campaign this spring which is called Slaughter in the Southlands.

Despite the name it does not follow on from blood in the badlands or anything, in fact it doesn’t even use Mighty Empires, but is a non-map based escalation campaign. The main focus was on it allowing the players to pick and chose different armies throughout, because the last one we ran with only a single army each did not appeal so much to the players in the group with more than one army who started to lose interest towards the end. The idea is that you can pick several generals and have them building up experience throughout the campaign. I’m keeping it relatively short this time but we may run a longer one in the future if it is successful.

Here are the Campaign Rules I came up with…


The Campaign

All the normal Warhammer Fantasy rules apply to every game.

As there are 5 players, each must face each other once during a round, so each will play 4 games.

The first round is at 500 points.
The second round is at 1000 points.
The third round is at 1500 points.
The fourth round is at 2000 points.
The final round is at 2500 points.

At the end of each round, a Triumph and Treachery game will be played at the same points value. Since the rules allow 3-5 players this game does not have to include everyone if not all can attend.

Campaign Points

During games each army can win Campaign Points, which are added to determine who is winning.

If you win a game, you gain 2 Campaign Points.
If you draw a game, you gain 1 Campaign Point.
If you lose a game, you gain 0 Campaign Points.

Additionally, if the enemy surrenders during the game you gain a bonus 1 Campaign Point.
If you slay the enemy general during the game, you gain a bonus 1 Campaign Point.
If you slay the enemy battle standard bearer during the game, you gain a bonus 1 Campaign Point.

Campaign Points are never earned from the Triumph and Treachery games played between rounds.

Armies and Allies

Each player must choose one race to be their primary army, and pick a character to be their general.

During the campaign, in any game after the first, players can choose to either continue having the same general lead the army, have a different general lead the same army, or have a different army entirely with different generals fight for them as allies in each battle. The general in play is always the one that receives any Experience, Magic Potions etc earned during that game, so using too many will mean while you have a lot of characters, each will take longer to build up experience points.

The only limitation is that the character must legally be allowed in the army list in the percentage allowance for Lords or Heroes. As most characters will therefore start the campaign as heroes, they can become the Lord level equivalent and retain any experience earned as soon as the points level of a game allows it. However, once they are used as a Lord, they can never go back to being a Hero.


During the Campaign it is possible for your generals to gain experience as they lead their armies on the battlefield. This can be for personal achievements or for the skill with which they commanded the army as a whole. The general receives a single experience point for each of the following things.

The general participates in any battle.
The general personally kills an enemy Lord or Hero.
The general wipes out or runs down an enemy unit.
The general remains alive at the end of the battle.
The generals army is the winner of the battle.
The generals army has completely wiped out the opposing army.

As a general gains experience they improve, receiving these permanent modifiers on their profile.

10 experience. +1 Weapon Skill
20 experience. +1 Strength
30 experience. +1 Toughness
40 experience. +1 Attacks
50 experience. +1 Wounds

If a general reaches 50 experience they cannot gain any further experience, but can still be used.

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests may or may not be found on the battlefield, and may contain bonuses for the army that opens them first. At the beginning of every campaign game each player must roll a d6. On a 5+ they must place a Treasure Chest (represented by a suitable marker) on the battlefield before board sides are decided. They may not be placed within 6’’ of a board edge or 12’’ of another Treasure chest, or within impassable terrain. Remember to place them before rolling for board sides! A unit cannot deploy within an inch of a Treasure Chest but can open one by moving onto it on turn one.

A player can only open a Treasure Chest by moving into base contact with it and stopping to do so. A unit can move through a chest should they wish to do so (for example if it is in the path of a charge) but will not open it unless they end their movement in base contact with it. A unit cannot intentionally move on top of a Treasure Chest unless by charging over it into combat where their back ranks end up still over the chest. In this case the unit claims it, assuming that models in the back rank not currently fighting quickly grab what is inside. Roll on this table to see what is inside.

1 �?" Booby Trap! The unit that opened the chest immediately takes d6 strength d6 hits.
2-4 �?" Empty! There is nothing in the chest and it has no further effect.
5 �?" Gold! The chest is full of gold, the general that opened it gains d3 Campaign Points.
6 �?" Magic Potion! The general that opened the chest rolls on the next table at the end of the game.

1 �?" the character gains +1 Weapon Skill for the duration of the campaign.
2 �?" the character gains +1 Ballistic Skill for the duration of the campaign.
3 �?" the character gains +1 Strength for the duration of the campaign.
4 - the character gains +1 Toughness for the duration of the campaign.
5 �?" the character gains +1 Initiative for the duration of the campaign.
6 - the character gains +1 Wounds for the duration of the campaign.

Underdog Bonus

At the start of every campaign game, the army with the least number of Campaign Points gets a bonus modifier to their rolls to determine board sides, who deploys first and taking the first turn.

This is worked out as follows. For every 2 Campaign Points less they have than their opponent, the player gains +1 to their rolls. In the case of an odd number in Campaign Points difference always round down rather than up. A natural roll of 6 from the player with the most Campaign Points will still always succeed regardless of modifiers however, unless the other player also rolled a natural 6.

So for example, if one side had 8 CPs and the other had 5, the side with less (by 3) would have +1.
If one had 12 CPs and the other only had 6, the side with less (by 6) would have +3 to their rolls.

If the side with a +3 modifier rolled a 4 and their opponent rolled a 5, the roll of 4 would count as a 7 and win the roll off. However if they had rolled a 4 and their opponent had rolled a 6, the 6 wins!

A lot of the ideas are carried over from the last one, such as treasure chests and the campaign points system, which we found worked really well. I did originally write a story as we went along the first time but it ended up taking way too much of my time so it never got finished. The idea in posting this here however is to at least log the progress somewhere other than our facebook group as the campaign goes along.

I am of course starting out with my Chaos Dwarfs, I have already played my first game this morning. My other armies if I used any will be my wood elves (depending on the new book) and Skaven (depending on how much I expand my small ratmen army during the campaign). The fluff reasoning behind this (aside from them being my only armies at the moment) is that Kazgar, my primary Chaos Dwarf general, has the rats working for him as slaves, and has used sorcery to bind the forest spirits to his will in a dark, haunted woodland.

The other players primary armies are Lizardmen, southland themed hence the campaign setting, Ogre Kingdoms, High Elves and Empire. I’ll keep this updated as it goes on!


Here is the 500 points list used in my first game which was against the Lizardmen. I should point out at this point that rather than drawing a turn order to play in as would probably work out fair, we are just playing in whatever order we can meet up, playing as often as possible. I think most of us will get the 500 point round played out tomorrow at one of our local gaming clubs.

Kazgar the Daemonsmith lvl 1 (Fire) - 95

10 Infernal Guard - fireglaives - 170

3 Bull Centaurs - shields - 135

Deathshrieker - 100

My opponent was running a Scar Veteran with AP blade, block of 20 Saurus and some Terradons. Unfortunately for me despite it being a pretty solid little list in my first turn I both miscast and misfired and lost the Daemonsmith and the Deathshrieker! It ended up being a total wipeout, but I don’t think the list was to blame so I may use it again this round.


This is exactly what my group has tried to come up with! Send you a PM.

Think fireglaives are a bit expensive for 500 point games. What rather have started with 14 hand weapon / shields and your daemonsmith there.

Please keep this thrwad alive. Post battlereps, some army photos and score boards.


This sounds like a fun campaign. A lot of cool ideas here!

I agree on the fireglaives, though it’s nice to have some shooting in a small list.


Thanks for the kind words guys. I will do battle reports when I can of my own games. Tonight we managed 9 games of Warhammer in 3 hours between us at the club and finished the first round!

I changed my list slightly, taking 12 infernal guard with shields instead and putting the Ruby Ring of Ruin on the Daemonsmith. I stuck to that list for the rest of this round as it did pretty well.

Here is a quick rundown of the first round results.

Chaos Dwarfs vs Lizardmen - Lizardmen won.
Chaos Dwarfs vs High Elves - Chaos Dwarfs won.
Lizardmen vs Ogre Kingdoms - Lizardmen won.
Empire vs High Elves - Empire won.
Chaos Dwarfs vs Ogre Kingdoms - Ogres won.
Empire vs Ogre Kingdoms - Ogres won.
Lizardmen vs High Elves - Lizardmen won.
Chaos Dwarfs vs Empire - Chaos Dwarfs won.
Lizardmen vs Empire - Lizardmen won.
Ogre Kingdoms vs High Elves - Ogres won.

The Lizardmen player also found a Magic Potion in a chest and got a permanent +1 strength - he’s off to a great start.

Currently I am sitting in the middle of the table…


Thanks for the kind words guys. I will do battle reports when I can of my own games. Tonight we managed 9 games of Warhammer in 3 hours between us at the club and finished the first round!

Looking forward to reading your reports, looks real fun to play with those small lists actually :) any plans yet what to additionally bring for round 2?


Not sure who I am facing next so not yet sure what I will use, we can change our lists between games entirely if we want. Just to warn you progress from here may be slow, we are all working adults so finding the time for 1000 points games and higher means the rounds may start taking weeks to complete, we were just lucky to get a good start tonight.


Played the first of my 1000 point games tonight which was against the High Elf player. My army list was as follows:

Daemonsmith - level 1 Fire 95

Castellan BSB - enchanted shield 135

19 Infernal Guard - full command, Banner of Slavery 295

20 Hobgoblins - bows 100

20 Hobgoblins - bows 100

3 Bull Centaur Renders - shields 135

5 Wolf Raiders - spears, musician 70

5 Wolf Raiders - spears, musician 70

Total - 1000

He was running 30 Sea Guard, 20 Swordmasters, 2 units of 5 Sisters of Avelorn and a level 2 Mage with the lore of Metal. The game was pretty close until the end, and I have to point out my opponent is new to fantasy so did really well from my point of view in positioning and strategy. It all came down to a last turn combat but my wolves which were still in the game hit the Sea Guard block in both the flank and rear to help win the fight, and ran down the unit when they fled leading to a total wipeout. I gained +3CP and +5EXP and my opponent +2EXP.


Just taken your campaign rules and pitched them to my friends. Added points for the T&T games and other XP rules. Will see how they take the idea.


Just taken your campaign rules and pitched them to my friends. Added points for the T&T games and other XP rules. Will see how they take the idea.

We are claiming experience as usual in Triumph and Treachery games just no Campaign points.

Feel free to use the rules they work pretty well.


Fantasy Campaign Table during round 2 - still to play this round are…

CD vs OK

CD vs Empire

LM vs HE

OK vs Empire

OK vs HE

Empire vs HE

Three more games were played so far this round. Me and Lizardmen, followed by Lizards vs Ogres and Lizards vs Empire.

The Ogres forced the Lizardmen into a draw. The Empire almost had him as well but their artillery gunline faltered in the final turn.

During my own game, I ran a list tailored to take on what I thought he would bring however it just failed to do its job and I lost too. It was great watching Kazgar cast searing doom to kill a Stegadon in the final turn though, but it was too little too late!


Here is the table after a few games were played last night. The only armies still to play this round now are Ogres vs Empire and High Elves vs Empire.

I got two wins in my two games against Empire and Ogres, pushing me at least for now up to second in the table.

During the next round I will try to get some pictures at least of the games if not at least one or two battle reports.