[Archive] Slave revolt


Well to counter an all hobgoblin revolt I would probably station blunderbussers and hellcannons at the most likely spots of attack. Then to throw them off edge I would hire a bunch of ogre and other greenskin mercenaries. Most likely Orcs and Goblins though just to give them a chance at revenge on the hobgoblins. With the orcs and goblins continuously harrying hobgoblins throughout the open country I’d eventually resort to an attrition campaign sending in as many mercenary orcs, goblins, and other slaves as possible. When the Hobgoblins were finally surrounded or cornered I’d bring in the Chaos Dwarf forces and slaughter them. Rinse and repeat.


Well, if I recall correctly, the Earthshakers where developed to deal with mass-uprests like this one. But if did happen, I dare to say that every other greenskin whose relatives were enslaved as well would rush to the Plain Of Zharr in order to ‘get sum stunties an’ gitz stomp’d’, if you get my meaning.

As the hobbos are our ‘most trusted servants’, outnumbering ourselves in a great degree, well, I’d say that it would mean the fall of the Dawi’Zharr Empire, IF, let’s say, for example, the Hobgobla Khan gets ‘sum dirty gitz ta spy on da eveel stunties’, a mass revolt in all the Dark Lands strongholds. We’d be doomed! And the Hobbos too, shortly after, since all the other greenskins hate them.


Yeah. Good point.

But I don’t put much stock over Ogres helping the uprest. Maybe the enslaved one, of course, but I guess the ‘Wild’ ones would prefer to mind their own bussiness instead of rushing to the Dark Lands behing Gnoblars, see?

True, sabotage is a intriguing option to the rebels, why not? They do have access except for the most holy relics of Hashut, that being the most powerful weapons one would say.


1.tons of blunderbusses and bullcentaurs to slow them down

2.attack from above by great tauruses(taurusi?tauren?) and lamasi to thin out the masses

3.orcs and goblins for the deathblow

end of the revolt :hat off

and the hobbos know it would end this way,so they´ll never try it

also if the would be successful:there are masses of orcs and gobbos out there waiting to kick their @$$


okay,good point

but hobbos know,they won´t survive without cd

all the other greenskins would kill them

it´s a situation of ballance: hobbos need cd - cd need hobbos

but if they do lots of sabotage,like damage the warmachines,blunderbusses and so on, they would propably win…


I think that the hobgoblins would be a major irritation to the CD forces, i am not sure if they could bring down the empire but they could be one hell of a thorn in their side for along time before they where eventual tracked down and destroyed

Border Reiver:

While troubling, the CDs would work it much like the Assyrians did - garrison important locations with reliable infantry (say vital water sources or mountain passes that would permit reinforcement from the Khanate), while conducting aggressive sweeps with faster forces (BCs, Tauruses, and the non-revolting slave troops). Conduct near genocidal acts in several areas, and watch the marginally committed to the rebellion Hobgoblins return to the fold (likely to have their leadership quietly eliminated just to be sure).


just make an example so grusome of a population of hobgoblins that had not revolted that the rebels would flee and as they were doing so pay ogre tribes to stop them crossing the worlds edge mountains to escape and them you have got them trapped in the plains of zharr were they will most likly starve and die.

but i do like the idea and may consider making a unit of rebel hobbos lke the grotz in gorka morka