[Archive] Slave to Darkness (Slaanesh Daemons so watch out for boobs)


Hi guys,

I really need some motivation to work on my Slaanesh army and having a bunch of people from a forum asking for updates always works best for me. So here’s my plog! Yeah, another one. ;p

Since the Daemons got their own armybook in the sixth edition I’ve loved the Daemonette models. A couple of years later when they got an update on the mounted models I was even more in love. Unfortunately the models were too expensive for me, so no Daemonettes for me. Until I got the chance to buy a unit of Seekers for cheap and since then I’ve been buying up Daemonettes here and there to build an army.

So last years after a period of collecting I realized I had enough models to build a simple army. My gaming group was planning on starting a campaign and I decided to grab my Daemonettes and put together my army. This is what it looked like:

That was last year. In the mean time I build the models and gave them a basecoat. I even managed to win a couple of games, and we finished the campaign. I think I ended up somewhere on the bottom, but I had fun playing with these gals. That’s why it’s a shame they’re still in their basecoat, they deserve more attention! And that’s where you come in, I need your help!

The plan is (or at least was) to make a kind of monochrome looking army. A lot of greys in the basic models with hints of color (blue) in the more special models (maybe the eyes too). The bases would get a snow theme to add to the cold look. How am I going to make this interesting or fun for myself? I’ve painted one model in this style, this would be a Herald.

Does this color scheme work? Do you have any other ideas how to make this army more interesting?

tl;dr: Help me CDO, you’re my only hope! ;p


I really like that as a colour scheme, not sure if it needs some contrast or not and whether it would work for a whole army.


Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

The plan for now is to paint a couple of Daemonettes in this colorscheme and see if it works on those models. They have a lot more details on them than this model has so it might work out.

And while I was planning this army I had some crazy ideas for counts as units. I have to work in the Wet Nurse from Kingdom Death somewhere in this army as I love the model, and I think with counts as stuff like this the army can only get more interesting. So something like fat women as Beasts of Nurgle (maybe this one) and evil babies as Nurglings. Do you know any creepy evil baby models? Or do you have any other cool ideas like these?


Boobs??? Where, when, how many??? ;);). Great paint scheme and paint job!!!


That wet nurse thing would work perfect for a slaaneshi army. Pretty disgusting creature to boot.


I love those models as well! Y’know what though? Blue screams Tzeentch to me… I miss the purples & the pinks in your color scheme. Do you know this army?





I think adding some make-up or tattoos, especially around the eyes, would make the models more interesting. You could also glaze their skin into a different colour for the lower legs or the end of their arms. Another option to make the skin more interesting to look at would be to add small dots around certain areas. This also makes the skin look more otherworldly or daemonic.

Kera foehunter:

to much blue Need reds pinks and purple