[Archive] [SlaveBay]Chaos Dwarf Champion (02.02.09)

Lord Archaon:

Chaos Dwarf Champion

Starting time: Monday January the 26 00.00 AM (GMT +2)
End time: Monday February the 2 00.00 AM (GMT +2)
Item location: Latvia Europe

Current bid -65 slaves

It’s one day left to the end of the auction.

Lord Archaon:

It’s almost 6 hours to the end of the auction, and the current bid is 65 slaves.

Lord Archaon:

It’s 3 hours left for the end of the auction. The current bid is 65 slaves.

After 2 hours i’ll post the current bid the last time. So if someone wants to win the auction now is the time. :wink:

Lord Archaon:

Almost an hour left and the highest bid is 65 Slaves.

I’ll post the winners name at 12.00 pm.

Lord Archaon:

The auction ended.
I’m proud to announce the winner - Hashut’s Blessing with 65 slaves!

I’m a bit disappointed because the lack of bidders but still it was a fun auction. I’ll try to make another one soon. :cheers

@Moderators: please close this thread, because the aution has ended. Thanks.

BTW. thanks to everyone who bid on my item :cheers:

Hashut’s Blessing:

W00t! Go me ^^ Thanks Lord Archaon. Disappointed by the lack of bids as well, but glad to win :smiley: Details sent.