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Kera foehunter:

I want to invite you all to the slayer games …

they are going to be held at our site


This will be our second slayer games and we are reaching out to the chaos dwarf.

WE hope there some of you that might be up for this…

since the dwarf and other races will not play due to we are the best

even slayer have declined

if you want a smack down fun game come on down…

The wind blew down Peak’s Pass from the snow covered high reaches. In the one of the pass’s larger areas was situated the small keep and four squad long houses surrounded by a low stone wall with many rough cut stone statues looking outward and to the east. The statues each resembled a departed slayer that had done their time and successfully discharged their duty to expunge some private burden that only by walking the slayer path could be achieved.

The small doors to the keep opened up and out onto the small stone landing that would only permit a few opponents to fitfully attempt to force their way past the steel and wooden door decorated with ancestral face motif exited a small skinny scholarly looking slayer. Berric Stonehead, a slayer runesmith and scribe to the Dragonslayer Qwudd, master of Icefang Keep looked at the gathered masses before clearing his throat. Berriq pushed his gold rimmed glasses back on his thin nose and addressed the crowd.

�?oGreetings competitors, slayers, valiants and adventurers from abroad,�?� he yelled. �?oI am Berric Stonehead, master of ceremony for the Slayer Games of Icefang Camp. Here in the windy cold of Peak�?Ts Pass you have come to accept the challenges that I will put you through. At stake is your health, honor and a coveted rare keg of Bugman�?Ts XXXXX. Yes we have a stash of that fabled spirit and for the one who is the most accurate with axes, fleet and steady of foot, crazy enough to ride one of the snow stags of the pass past the goblin reavers to the south, and several other challenges will walk away with the coveted Keg.�?�

Berriq looked around at the meager gathering. It seemed to be not nearly as large as when The Slayer Brotherhood slayers had been active in the camp. There were no doomseekers in the crowd. Where were the skaven slayers? Where were the other slayers from the Storm of Chaos or had the slayers fallen on such hard times. The four slayer squads of the camp looked about at the visitors. There were hardly twenty slayers total in the camp to include the four giant slayer squad leaders, Berriq who was also a giantslayer, and of course the scarred Qwudd who was inside. He had been in a bad mood for months since Sqalliq Oneleg and the rest of his old contingent had relieved the siege at Gnashrak�?Ts Doomhold that the Demonslayer Snulli Ironfist held as his command.

Would there be any worthy contenders to take up the challenge. Were there any contenders of unbreakable will that would see through the challenges and make it to the pitfight at the end? Who would step up and sign their name on the challenge board and deposit their silver coin admission fee. Was this gathering of shivering hold dwellers worthy of competing under the banners of fallen slayer like Torin�?Ts Terrors. Or would some of these honor less gold hunters destined to have their skulls decorate the feet of the stone slayer statues that stood as a warning outside the camp.

Berriq looked around and shrugged. He raised his voice so it would echo off of the distant sides of the mountains. �?oIf�?Tn ye be of stout heart with jingle in your purse step up and sign your mark. Issue your challenge and let it be known by all present where ye come from and shake the pass with your praise. The second Slayer Games sign up is now open. The first match will be The Axe Toss!�?�

Looking for competitors and I will explain the rules of the Axe toss that will start on Friday!


I’m interested what do I do


Kera foehunter:

The rules are easy. You get five axe tosses. You can choose to engage from 5 meters, 10 meter or 15 meters. To hit the target you will need to roll a 4 or better. There is no midification for the 5 meter target. 10 Meter is -1, 15 is -2 to hit.

It is scored 1 for a hit and 2 for a bulls eye… a bulls eye is a natural 6 for the 5 meter target or you at 10 you have to have a second roll for a 5-6, 15 meters is a second roll with a 6.

The 10 meter target doubles your points and the fifteen is triple the points.

When we start on friday you will PM Thunderer your throw order and I will resolve them via a narrative over the week. I will be handling all the rolls and will resolve round 1-5 of the axe toss individually so you can smack talk each other.

This is a role-playing and smack talking event. Have some fun and make the most of it as we come together as a bunch of ginger haired psychos.


who does the rolls of the dice?

Kera foehunter:

as you pm what Target you are going to throw at

Thunderer will roll the dice so all you do is wait for the reply

Kera foehunter:

First round has started

You still have time to join in

Kera foehunter:

He is how the joust went first round

The next morning a haggard looking Berriq Stonehead, slayer rune-smith of Icefang Camp and scribe to Dragonslayer Qwudd, slowly walked to the commentators stand. The stakes with goblins and dead goblin bodies had been removed the night before and in its place was several pins of mounts, some dwarven lances which were long thin spears as the dawi weapon smiths were still discussing on whether to use the new fangled lance idea that the elves had been using since the War of the Beard and the Brettonians favored. We won’t go into those discussions and their merits in this forum today as we might never get to the events, needless to say those discussions were heated.

Berriq finally took up his bull horn as he cleared out the useless thoughts bouncing around his head."GGGOOOOOOOOOODMOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRNNNNNING Slayers. Today we have the first occurance of a dwarven adaptation of the jousting event favored at carnivals, weddings, seasonal

fairs and other out door extravaganzas in the Empire and Brettonia. Unlike the humans and elves we don’t want some never do well horse not taking us to our destination which is of course close combat. So straight from Kislev, and one looted ogre and gnoblar caravan later, we have two warbears, we have also acquired some Boars liberated from the local orc hosts, finally for those more traditional members of dwarven society our latest ale shipment ponies are still about. Being slayers there will be no armor for the riders but the beasties do need to be protected and do offer a certain amount of protection for their riders. I need Brakkni Horse-Bane and Feona Ballbreaker to report to the mount area."

There was massive amounts of cheering as the two slayers talked to an Ogre-Mancatcher who discussed the ins and outs of riding. In short order the two slayers were seated on

white war bears opposite each other and spears were handed to each. The weapon masters looked around with confusion as the two slayers roared off towards each other pulling out their own slayer weapons with out taking the spears. Berriq shook his head, “Yes folks we are doing it slayer style. BYOW! Bring your own weapons,” he roared as the bears closed the distance. "Brakkni misses with his mace as does his bear with his swipe. Feona barely misses with her mace and her bear crushes Brakkni with a brutal across the chest swipe and dismounts him on the first pass. 0 points for Brakkni and eleven points for Feona. She received one for the bear hit and ten for knocking him off."

Lets take a break while these two get their act together and that bear is captured that is running loose in the goblins pen looking for dinner.

Soon the bear was captured and Brakkni remounted on the wayward bear. Maces and axes were readied as the two slayers and bears eyed each other and then they were off again. Brakkni again barely missed with his mace, maybe a longer spear is a better choice and his bear stumbled trying to raise its wrong paw for a swipe at Feona [OOC: critical miss on hit 1]. Feona tried for and overhead crushing blow and critically missed [OOC 1] Her bear took a swipe and missed as well. "At the end of round two of the first match Feona is still leading by eleven points to Brakkni’s zero."

The competitors reset to try again. Brakkni got down and whispered to his bear who decided to take a swipe at the slayer who then punched the beared. A little scuffle later the bear was missing most of one ear and Brakkni had some new bleeding soon to be scars on his chest but it seemed mount and rider were one at last. “Lets do it slayers,” yelled Berriq as the bears surged towards each other. Brakkni launched a flury of blows at Feona all of which missed. But his bear hit the opposing mount but failed to wound. “One point for Brakkni,” Berriq yelled.

And then it was Feona’s turn. Her mace smacked heavily into the opposing rider and a large bruise was formed on his axe shoulder [OOC 6 to hit, 6 to wound, and 1 to AS]. Brakkni was starting to fall off his mount as the bear Feona was riding launched its attacks which missed

Obsidian Muse:

I won   come and cheer me on you guys

Kera foehunter
* cheer *

Also, good to see that Slayers treat spears as the feeble pointed sticks they are.