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Thommy H:

So I’m kind of working on a new army book - a total overhaul of the whole sordid business (although a lot of the text will be lifted from the previous version). I want to go even further down the route of imitating the GW style and as much as I love the impressionistic Dark Lands map that Baggronor did and which I used in the last versions, that’s not the style of the maps in the current GW books.

So I’ve spent the last few days tinkering away at this, figuring out a way to get the colours, the textures, everything else. I took GW’s old map, downloaded some free map textures from DeviantArt and started photoshopping (or Paint.net’ing) them in. It took me loads of tries to get what I wanted and I had to run it through any number of effects to get the look I wanted and, yeah, anyway. I thought you might all like a look at a Dark Lands map updated for 8th Edition, containing bits and pieces from the newer maps and a few little things of my own invention:


I like it a lot, though it might be smart to include Baggronor’s map as a small filler picture thrown into the fluff text somewhere. Everyone likes his style for CD illustrations.

Nice bottom left icon. Where did you find that one?

You might want to mark out the underground naval tunnel with text, too. Could it be possible to mark out the Ivory route as well? Would it be too much and too cluttered to include some Dwarf holds in the World’s Edge Mts and Mountains of Mourn? Perhaps even that ruined Elf colony down on the south-southwest coast (whatever it is called)?

Thommy H:

I might put the sea tunnel in, yeah. This is going next to a page of text that talks all about that stuff anyway though. I was planning to do Dwarf holds, but actually when I looked at how I’d framed the map, there aren’t any there - just a couple of ruined ones (most of which are already covered with the greenskin icons). Karaz-a-Karak, Karak Kadrin and Karak Azul are just off the edge.

Where’s the ruined Elf colony?


Just south of the Plain of Bones. It’s called Anurell’s Tomb. Courtesy to Dînadan for digging the info out.

Thommy H:

Oh yeah, that. I wouldn’t call it a “colony” per se. If I was recording battles on this map (which I decided not to because it was getting cluttered and the newer ones don’t anyway) it’d go on there.


Looks awesome

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Right, it wasn’t a colony. How about a small monument marker stolen from some High Elf map, then?


Beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the final result.

Suggestion for the armybook:

Dwarf race special rules. Make sure relentless, shieldwall etc, is the same as in the new dwarf book.

Make statlines relatively similar.

Thommy H:

Relentless is in. Shieldwall is for one unit only (you can guess which, since I came up with almost the exact same rule years before GW!) but I’ve left out Resolute. All wording is standardised with the most recent GW books.

The rules are almost unchanged from what I put up in this thread with just a couple of tweaks and additions. There are two new special rules: Ancient Schism for all Chaos Dwarfs and Bull Centaurs, and Malice of Zharr for Overlords and Castellans. These are counter points to the Dwarfs’ Ancestral Grudge in that they give Hatred in various combinations.