[Archive] Sneaky Git Horde?


Just wondering if anyone has tried to field a horde unit of sneaky gits?

I was contemplating the idea of using 50 sneaky gits with FCMD lead by a hobgoblin hero. The unit would be carrying a magical standard that gives them armour piercing attacks: mad

What does everyone think?


Sorry, too many gits and not sneaky enough.


I think it could be a nice unit to use, people are not going to expect that amount of attacks to come from a goblin unit and with AP as well they could do some real damage

Da Crusha:

I have ran a unit of 40 sneaky gits in horde before, works really great if combined with Okkams Mindrazor. If the general is within 12" you could end up with a possible 41 S10 Poison attacks!


I love the idea of a horde trying to sneak.

lots of toe tapping and ‘ssshhhhhhh’

Border Reiver:

I’ve used Sneaky gits in a horde, and they do dish out the attacks, to the point of wiping out a reasonable sized unit of slayers (25 with a Daemon slayer) in 3 rounds of combat. The standard is a neat idea, but you’re hampered by having to put your Battle standard bearer in the unit to do so. Casting Occam’s Mindrazor on the unit yeilds a good result, even with their own ld.

The problem with such a unit are the usual one for hordes of low I troops - namely striking after their opponents and lack of manouverability. The lack of armour really hurts the Sneaky gits (actually the pointy/smashy bits of the opposition’s weapons do, but you get the point) when combined with low I, as you have no way to stop the opponent from taking away models when they cause wounds. The only way to counter this is to bring lots so as to still have a large unit after you’ve taken losses.


Haven’t tried it personally but of all of out units this one strikes me as the unit that it would work the most for. The reason is the sheer number of poision attacks. Eventually that much dice rolling is going to fo some damage.

Plus it makes our lackluster specials more attractive with this option.