[Archive] Sneaky-gits as rank and file hobgoblins


Has anyone had a problem running their sneaky gits as rank and file hobgoblins? I have a handful of them I was thinking of running this way since the gits are not worth it, but I don’t want to chop of their 2nd weapon to make them wysiwyg. Anyone run into anyone having a problem with this? (2 wysiwyg questions in 2 days…sheesh to me…)


I use mine mixed in with my others as normal naked hobgobs nobody ever complains in competition i would have to use a traitor dwarf list anyway so no problems :hat


cant see it being a problem, as most people nowadays wont know the difference between a regular hobgoblin and a sneaky git anyways.

As far as wysiwyg is concerned i didnt think warhammer regiments were that strict, allowing you unit fillers and the odd random weapons etc.