[Archive] Sneaky Gits


What does everyone think about Sneaky Gits?��Since the introduction of 7th edition they have lots their “lapping around rule”. They still however still have two hand weapons which inflict poision attacks.��

I was considering buying a unit with full command and sticking a Hob hero in the unit to replace my 20 strong Orc Big Un unit…I’d use 25-30 sneaky gits strong and 4 bolt throwers in a 1500 game to use up my special choices, but Im wondering if they are really worth the money…

Uzkul Werit:

I’d consider it as they can now always make a free move at the end of combat and the foe may turn to face the Gits but never expand their frontage.

BO never seem to do their job right. Mine always got shot to bits.


sneaky gitz are fun… but id rather use your Big Uns as regular boyz…


sneaky gitz are fun... but id rather use your Big Uns as regular boyz...

:hat I was just thinking about buying them because the models look really good....I think I'll just stick to Orcs for now :hat off


they are really good looking models…

but with the future of hobgoblins being so uncertain and their price being so astronomical…

i dont think i can advocate buying any…

Lord Zarkov:

They are very good in battle though, especially when supported by a HG hero. In 2K I now use 2 units of 25. definitly worth it.

But the cost is a major problem. However you can make them cheaper by converting them form plague monks with goblin heads; they actually fit together very well, if a little tall.


Well, you can usually pick up nightgoblin units from the BFSP set for a very low price and convert then to have two hand weapons if you want a passable unit to try out gitz on the table-top with. However, they’re currently not one of our list’s more useful choices.


Gnoblars make fine sneaky gitz if you are a little imaginative I think. And I do use them often, and I rarely lose with the little gitz.


I like sneaky gits cause you inflict poision attacks on anything,

Itook out 5 chosen chaos knights with them.


Gitz r da Bomb. i use em as flank gaurds with a minmum unit size of 20. convert em outta skull pass archers just klip of the bows and quivers and glue daggers on each hanf :cheers: