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It’s actually snowing here, which is making me feel like Winter’s going to be really horrible. I miss the winters of little to no snow.

It dropped below freezing at 6 PM.

When I say snowing, I actually mean snowing… not flurries or light stuff, snow. No accumulation, yet… though overnight it probably will.

I hate Wsiconsin. :mad

Kera foehunter:

AWHHHHHH i like snow now that i live in south westen Ohio i will see more snow!!

but not as much as you or willmark!!

how can you hate wisconsin you got H.D.beer and snow !!

and cheeses!!!


Beer: I’m not a fan of beer, though I don’t mind the wheat ones. I’m more of a fan of cider (Strongbow is my favorite drink in the world), and occasionally whiskey or Bailey’s.

Cheese: I can’t stand cheese burgers, mac and cheese, or grilled cheese. I just had to much cheese! Pepperjack is great on subs though.

As for weather, now only am I 155-160 lbs… probably with boots, I get cold easily probably because of my heart murmur. I’m a wimp, as I’ll complain about the cold when it gets to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Please, take our snow. :stuck_out_tongue: All of it! :wink:


I love snow… Having grown up are the UTAH/COLORADO/WYOMING/IDAHO area, and moving to Washington DC, where we get sleet and slush… I’d love a true snowstorm, that actually blocks the front door…


Snow? most of you dont know what snow is!

Being situated just south of Lake Ontario we get hammered in the winter usually. Anyone know what “lake effect snow”? Take any amount of snow and tack on 1-6 more inches.

And terms of cold? Several years ago we went through January and most February and didn’t get above zero, in fact it averaged -10 F for that duration, and this is NY?!?!


lol… 6 inches… on year we got 18" in a single night… closed the entire city for 3 days. and We live in a Desert… well High desert that is…

Viskar Zhragoth:

Well, I too live in the arctic north of a land called meechagan. As I looked out my window I too saw snow…and just as it started accumulating, it did change to slushy rain…But we’re getting more later…

Also, swiss, yeah, everything that I have been able to hear makes it sound like this will be a long, cold, and snowy winter…especially in the northern states. My friend in ND has already dealt with negative temps…and when I was there at the beginning of Oct it was 29 degrees!

Oh yeah, I found this…"As homeowners across the country pray for a mild winter to offset rising energy costs, the world-famous Farmers�?T Almanac is warning us to prepare for the worst. �?oNumb�?Ts the word!�?� is how the 192-year-old publication is predicting the upcoming winter season.

For 2008�?"2009, the Farmers�?T Almanac is forecasting a �?onumbing�?� winter, with below-average temperatures for at least two-thirds of the country. Only the Far West and Southeast will see near-normal temperatures. Few, if any, locations will enjoy many above-normal temperature days this upcoming season."

So buckle up and try to stay warm…thank god oil is coming down, huh?



Oooh, is this a North American Forum only? :~

Here in Milan is getting colder and colder but it is not really snowing…

I love snow, when every sound is softened by the snow… lol

But maybe I love even more the sound of your boots cracking the frozen ground… it reminds me when I went to school in the cold of winter…

I hate how the climate is changing and we are going to a warmer climate… it sucks!

My favourite seasons are winter and spring and now we have hot winters and short springs… Arrrrrr!

At least in Zharr Naggrund we have our warm furnaces…

Regards Yankeees,

Bassman :hat off

Viskar Zhragoth:

Well Bassman, never just a North American Forum, just hating our own local weather. ;-(

But I hope you get the snow you crave. But at least you are pretty close to the mountains? I don’t know, how long is the drive to the mountains? I probably wouldn’t mind the snow and yuck of Michigan if I could really ski. Cross country is great, but the snow around here usually sucks for it because of “lake effect”. And downhill is a joke around here.


Servius you didn’t read it right; lake effct ADDS additinal snow on top of the regular snowfall. On top of that we have had several storm in the last five years that have dumped2


Lately we have been getting 110"- 130" a year. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d love to see some decent snow. Aside from scotland and other areas of high ground, in the UK we probably get about 2 inches a year!!!


we just get freezing rain and some snow in Northern Virginia. When it snows a few inches and stays on the ground for a day or two, all of Washington DC goes on break… Put freezing rain on the beltway and the whole Government goes into a tail spin…

When it does snow, it makes we want to be back in the mountains hunting Elk and Deer. In Virginia, you have to hunt Deer and Elk with a shotgun… Have you ever tried getting close enough to a wild animal to use a shotgun? It’s like sneaking up on someone in a brightly lit room where you have to approach them where they can see you…

Bring on the snow, I haven’t been able to build a snowman in 5 or 6 years that lasted longer than a few hours…

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I love snow

Me and my friends would get of school and then go to the local park and bask in the white snowy glory

Last year there were a load of us all throwing snow at each other

good time,good times


Here in Milan is getting colder and colder but it is not really snowing...

I wouldn't mind spending my winter in Cortona, where my sister-in-law is from (well, nearby). How far is that from you, I know it's a good train ride, but it's been almost ten years since I was on that train ride.

I just remember explaining to some kid from Hawaii that it was 18 below (Farenheit, God I wish we'd switch the Metric) back home the day before I got to basic. He didn't seem to comprehend, and the kid from MN who said it was 40 below for him probably gave the kid nightmares.

Give me late spring: Lots of thunderstorms, lots of rain, the green is back, the world doesn't look dead, longer daylight hours... lots of thunderstorms, thunderstorms, thunderstorms... not cold...


Man, I would love to get some snow this year. I’m on vancouver island and we get snow for maybe 3 days in the whole year if we’re lucky…and its usually the heavy stuff that makes really good snowballs and impossible driving.

What we have lots of is rain and cold…and when its cold and damp it gets everywhere and you just can’t get warm. Yuck.


check back in let January early february you can have some of mine…

Kera foehunter:

lol michigan !!! Visgar do you live in the U P of michigan??

we had 20" last year in one storm we avr. 27 for the year take that !!

are total was 28 " last year

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Here in West Virginia we usually get freezing rain or heavy snow. I don’t like snow however, my social studies teacher freaks out when it snows.

Bladed Raven:

Hah Hah Hah, I laugh at all of your pitiful snow. Here in Oklahoma were all just praying there won’t be any ice storms. Here it rains, then later in the day as it gets colder and sleets, then it all freezes overnight and the resulting ice destroys everything. Then it happens all over again.


Servius you didn't read it right; lake effct ADDS additinal snow on top of the regular snowfall. On top of that we have had several storm in the last five years that have dumped2

Lately we have been getting 110"- 130" a year. :p

Oh goodness i wish we got that... wouldn't be stuck watering lawns only once a week during the summer... We havent had any winters of note in a few years... so we are in drought condition spring through summer for the most part.. then we get dumped on once every 6 years or so so bad.. nothing happens for 4 to 5 days. the last one we had to get out of the house through the roof access.