[Archive] So i heard of a amazing stratige for orks


Hey all! Yesterday, I did a match at roughly 2500 PTS, orks vs orks. The guy i was fighting told me that, you could add Ghazghkull Thraka, and mad dokk grotsnick to a unit of kommandos. Then upgrade that unit with boss snickrot. That lets you take three VERY powerful heros in from ANY table edge, and it gives the unit feel no pain, and cybork bodies.

This is by far one of the best ork strategies I’ve heard of in a whial.

Thommy H:

That also lets you take three VERY powerful heroes that can all be killed by one Ordnance blast. Every army has the facility to put as many characters as you want with a unit, but doing so is rarely as good an idea as it appears on paper.


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I have nothing to add on this really, other than question whether putting all characters in a small unit is better than spreading them out?


Well, I thought it sounded pretty good, if your fighting Tau, IG, or any army’s that are suckish at close combat. Its also used just to get ghazughkull, who is immune to instant death, and one tough nut to crack closer to the enemy. The mad dokk gives him feel no pain, wich will make him near invincible. Whenever I’ve used him, he pretty much is their till the end.

Thanks for comments!

Thommy H:

Like most of those “Deathstar” combos, they seem hugely effective on paper, but it’s a massive, massive amount of points to throw into one unit. I mean, you can do a similar thing with the Blood Angels by putting Dante with some Sanguinary Guard and Sanguinary Priests with jump packs - they won’t scatter and you can put your nigh-invincible characters wherever you want them. But all it takes is one lucky ordnance blast or a few lascannon shots to suddenly make it look like not such a good idea. It’s all eggs in one basket syndrome. You either win big or lose big - there’s rarely any middle ground.