[Archive] So, I need a new laptop


As everyone here is a computer user, I thought I’d try to tap the ‘brain trust’ and get some advice about getting a new laptop.

As I’ve recently been laid off from my job of six years - two days after my wife had our new baby - I’ve been doing some work at home. Or, TRYING to. The distractions, the noise, etc… is making it nearly impossible.

So, I’ve decided to go mobile, and get out of the house when I need to get things done.

So far, this one looks good:


but any other thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Obviously, price is a concern, but I’d rather get something a bit more robust to avoid hardware obsolescence. The key things I’m looking for are (in no particular order): a) Big screen b) lots of RAM c) good amount of dedicated video RAM d) pretty fast hard drive e) fast processor (probably an i7, or something…)

Any advice would be appreciated!