[Archive] So who has pre ordered 8th Edition?


As we all know 8th Edition will be with us shortly, but my question is who has taken the plunge and pre ordered their copy already? And if so which one have you gone for the Collectors edition, gamers edition or the standard rule book.


I have ordered the Collectors edition one and the skull dice, the chances are the collectors edition will only see the light of day once or twice like my collectors edition for 7th edition but its such a nice one i could not pass it up :slight_smile:


I ordered the Collector’s Edition myself. I didn’t order the dice because I will be using the CDO Hashut dice :wink:


This is turning into a habit. I’ve gotten the gamers edition for every book that’s come out with one so far, including this one.


I’ve preordered the main book from my FLGS. I did want to get the Gamer’s pack, but since I don’t deal with GW directly as a matter of principle, and preordering the gamers pack would be a crap shoot from the FLGS as GW treat them like dogs with unit allocation, I doubt I will be getting it.

Pyro Stick:

Damn thats cool. If i had the money i would definately buy that. Might invest in the more affordable bits like the measuring device.


I’m waiting a bit TBQH. I will buy it just not sure when

I’m kinda in the same camp as GRNDL. Ever since the closing of the bits online store they have largely lost me as a direct customer.


I’ll be buying my rulebook at my LGS. Got a couple o’ stamps in reserve that will lower the already-lower cost than retail they offer.


Preordered the basic book, templates and magic cards from Maelstrom. I would have got the dice as well if they sold them.

I actually like all the new stuff except the combat res calculator which just seems weird to me.


Much as I am a fan of fluff, I’ve decided I will only be an occasional gamer in 8th and primarily stick to collecting.  So I may leave it a while before I buy it.  I’ve actually had quite a few people on warseer offering to put money into buying me one, which would be extremely generous.

Took me 3 years to buy my own copy of 7th… I borrowed one for ages. :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

Oh never realised it was plastic before. Im not going to get it now.


I’ll also be ordering it from a local store. Pre-order it by the 3rd and you get 20% off at this store.


I’ll simply be learning the new rules as I go. I don’t game much these days and £45 is too much to indulge my curiosity.