[Archive] So why do you play Chaos� � Dwarfs?


They’re evil. And have wicked beards.

What’s not to like?

(On a serious note, I sort of like normal dwarves, but their models are lame as well as their non-dreadlocked beards and I figured if I’m gonna convert a whole army it may as well be an awesome conversion. Plus, I like greenskins a little too, but not enough to collect an entire army of them (and obviously CD can use them). It might be worth noting I’m also collecting the other three chaos armies, Chaos Dwarves just sort of completes it (and gains many spare bits from it :P))


I would agree, The chaos dwarf army even if you have trouble finding places that are not governed by rules lawyers so have to play it slihtly differerntly is still a magnificent sight to behold if you are playing or facing them.


I got given a load of them a few years ago. I loved the idea of having a rare oop army so tracked down a lot more. This forum was a big part of that too. Such a great community.


This forum was a big part of that too. Such a great community.

that goes for me too!


A forum, a good one is a refection of it’s members… Pretty much says it all.


I hated CD!!!

Until the second I couldn’t buy them in stores anymore… About 2 months after they went out of print, I realised the greatness of an entire army with toilets on the heads and cowlike beast. But i knew nothing of ebay or ravening hordes, so I started the Druchii instead.

After countless of beatdowns throughout 6th and 7th edition, I got the new DE army book, which changed my army from zero to hero. After having won two torunaments, I realised it was more rewarding to win with a sucker army. At that moment, I stumpled upon Xanders conversion videos and though: "Holy smokes! That looks easy and cool!"

Then I got lazy and bought an old bighat army. I have no regret over that decision, as I can play, paint and expand in my own tempo.


I’m right there with you! Less is definitely more. I started my beloved Druchii back in 5th edition when they were a low powered army. And in 7th they were pretty much bottom of the barrel. Then the new book came out and my games went from an uphill rewarding struggle to just match after match of playing kick the baby. No reward in it at all.

I’m the only guy in my area with a Chaos Dwarf army so loads of folks want to take them on. They play in every phase and have a really well-balanced book over all. Why wouldn’t you want to play with that kind of an army?!

Uzkul Werit:

The love of it.

And people’s faces when you use the Shaker or Blunderbusses. Explaining them is one. Using them is summat different altogether.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I always liked Fantasy, especially growing up watching movies like Clash of the Titans, the cartoon version of Lord of the Rings, Lou Feringno as The Incredible Hulk and just living in the forests of British Columbia where you are only 3 minutes away from the mountains. Those things were great for the imagination!

When I started playing war games at my hobby store, Monster Hobbies, with the local kids, we started with Hero Clix by Wizkids. Eventually, we played Warhammer Fantasy. I started with the Dwarf Army from Battle of Skull Pass and from there I built and collected the Dwarf army and bought rare figures like Queen Helga and Joseph Bugman.

I was always looking in the 7th edition rule book and wondering what the Chaos Dwarfs were as there was no army book or figures available for them, but their stats were still included in the rules. At this time, I did a internet search and discovered Chaos Dwarfs Online and the RH list.

There was two things that appealed to me primarily about the Chaos Dwarfs. First of all, they were the �?oGood Dwarfs Gone Bad�?�. They reminded me of a combination of the former Soviet Union and World War One Germans. Chaos Dwarfs struck me as a superpower that is limited in resources, but still has the strength to defend it�?Ts borders and potentially take over the world, yet smart enough to refrain.

The Hobgoblin Hordes remind me of the Romanian people, a strong army that is a great ally to the CD superpower in the sense of their loyality, reliability and cunning to win with even less resources than their allies. In fact, I try and build my figures to resemble this philosophy as opposed to the Assyrian Bull worshiping army of the 5th edition Chaos Dwarfs. We worship Hashut in the same way as the Soviets used the Bear in it’s symbology…as a sign of strength.

The second thing that appealed to me was the fact that the Chaos Dwarf army had better mobility and magic, something that was always the stumbling block with the Dwarf army. Chaos Dwarf weaponry is superior too. What�?Ts not appealing about firing a Death Rocket into a crowd of enemies and then stopping them by carpet bombing the battlefield with the Earthshaker while your Blunderbusses open fire into their numbers? Top it off with a charge of half crazed Hobgoblins on wolf back from their rear and you have the ultimate army from hell!


I was always looking in the 7th edition rule book and wondering what the Chaos Dwarfs were as there was no army book or figures available for them, but their stats were still included in the rules. At this time, I did a internet search and discovered Chaos Dwarfs Online and the RH list.

Tarrakk Blackhand
now this didn't happen to me...
well, actually it did.;P


They were rare, weird looking and thus fascinating to my young self. Same reason I collected Genestealer Cult and hunted down old snakeman and couatl models. Also, they were like Saruman, my favourite LotR baddie.

The Stormchild:

Well ever since I got my first box of warhammer (lotr fellowship box) I’ve loved painting them and back then, playing with them (as in actually playing with them). Eventually I moved onto fantasy and started collecting both dwarfs and goblins. And now, as I’ve dealt deeper into the history of GW I found out about the CD’s and hunted them down.

I like them because they’re so beardy and evil (and I’ve always liked dwarfs). And I loved their big hats and retro style war machines (not that damned hellcannon).

Bronze Bull:

When I first started collecting them it was because they were the first army I was exposed to. A friend was collecting Chaos Dwarfs at the time and when he introduced me to Warhammer I thought they were cool because of the rocket launcher. I also love the Middle Eastern theme of the army and of course, the Bull Centaurs. :slight_smile:

I regret selling mine off years ago and I’m starting to rebuild my CD army. I already have Beastmen and Dwarves so it’s the next logical step!


This is a bit long :"> . I lived in a share house and one of the people there was big into games workshop table top games. We had space to set up a perminate site for him to paint and a table on which to play. He had two friends who would come over once a week to play. He was so into the hobby that eventully he got my then boyfriend to play as well, eventully both 40K and fantasy. One of the guys in the group was the type of guy who though his hobby skills weren’t 100% loved to play and had the cash to own a set of just about every army he was interested in and had all the books so there was plenty of extra models and rules around. Between the four of them they had one of just about every army. So it became this friendly kind of thing. People would look forward to the “Nerd wars” and the one that lived with us would try to teach us unconvinced ones how to play; a few of the boys even played with green stuff. Anyway I became really interested in the games and it was noted.

First it started with such and such has a birthday coming up can you help me with making him a piece of terrian which was fun and I got heavily into that; so much we ended up with a box that you could use the terrian randomiser and have something no matter which table or what was rolled. Then I was convinced to give Mordheim a try and thus came my love affair with sisters of sigmar. By then people were asking me to try playing a real game of fantasy but and one of them already collected my two favorites which were dwarfs and when they came out wood elves and I didn’t really want to have what everyone else had. So I went on the GW website and one of the options was Chaos Dwarfs and me being stubbon as hell said I want that one. They all rolled their eyes and tried to say that it was too hard to start with them, they didn’t have any models and the new website that the UK had changed and didn’t even mention them. But I wanted only them or I wouldn’t play so I didn’t.

I still didn’t play even though they got a battle box (the Boyfriend played Orcs and gobbos, so they wanted him to bluid his own army) and gave me Empire but I didn’t like them much from the start. Then the Hellcannon was released and I fell in love with the models and quicky after Battle for Skull Pass came out and I found this site. I was heartened as I started to believe I could finally make my very own stunties… The rest is history although I admitt there are huge gaps due to life’s ups and downs and levels of commitment. But here I am back again and finally converting them enough to play.

So basically when I found them I loved them and that was it or nothing, which explains why my first matches were only pretty recient (within the last year) compared to all those moons ago when I first started. I know it’s more like a long story but it was pretty special to have such a wonderful introduction thanks to the boys and their “Nerd wars”


The reason I started was their history. I find it fascinating that people of such greed are content with the land they have. Not to mention they created the black orcs, even though numerous failures were brought forth, or how they nearly destroyed the entire race! Their way of life appeals to me more than any other species. I don’t want to be some ravenous, constantly hungry ogre; nor do I want to be a oh so high and mighty elf!

    I want other people to do my work for me, and I want to be rich! I also noticed they look like what my people are stereotyped to be: elongated noses, long curly black hair, and, I know this isn’t a describing feature of appearance but, their very greedy. In case you haven’t noticed I’m Jewish, as is what I was describing the stereotype of. I actually find this funny and believe it or not, an appealing factor.

   In addition, their hats, and general appearance are awesome! I’ve always like dwarfs, but I was tired of being the good guy in everything, I wanted to taste chaos! I plunged into the the arms of Hashut, and enjoyed every passing second! Of course, I’m not to fond of hobgoblins, it’s not that they’re not cool, it’s just that I don’t trust them; if they were so ready to turn on their brothers, what’s to stop them from turning on us? A bit of a jump but, they’re war machines are simply astounding, not to mention the bull centaurs!


Hi All,

First - a quick admission… despite developing an appreciation for our bearded darklings, I haven’t actually “played” a game with them yet. In fact I haven’t played Warhammer for ages, something to do with the attitude of "I won’t play until it’s painted!"

Still, why am I am working on them and trying to scrape together the first 500 points? Several things  

1) finding this very forum… the enthusiasm and imagination here should be harnessed as a renewable energy source!

2) the new hellcannon mask style caught my eye. The older big hats have something to them, but I couldn’t do an army of them… but masks… well, lets just say I actually like masks a lot, and are my main wall decoration at home (mostly mardi gras type masks) what’s not to like?

3) the challenge of converting an entire army - thats hard to beat!

4) finally, the background - for me, despite everything evil and twisted they have become, they have a grudge because they feel betrayed by their own kinsmen and the world at large. There’s almost something righteous about deciding that the world needs a kicking for that reason!

Anyway, there’s my ramble - here’s to the ever growing ranks of beards and sharp pointy objects. Who knows, I might even manage to finish painting the first of my small band in time to have a game with the upcoming new edition of Warhammer!

Have fun all :hat off I’m off to plot and plan how to make Chaos Dwarf Chem-Troopers :idea


well, the reason is because I found this website.

then I got more and more into the fluff and history and thought it was really cool,

and also because of all the cool models, armies and conversions on the site which inspired me.


When I started playing Warhammer Fantasy I chose the dwarfs of chaos … talking about 15 years ago … I love all of these dwarfs … I love their beards, armor, their funny hats, their teeth, the colors, the variety of their army. I hope with all my might that the next release of the Warhammer rulebook, the dwarfs of chaos are at least mentioned!!!

And with this message…I will take this opportunity to greet with affection all this great and amazing community.


Welcome to the site!


Welcome to the site!

Thanks :hat off