[Archive] Sobek's First Attempts


I am pretty embarassed posting these, but I figure at the very least I could get some positive critiques. That said, behold! My still-born greenstuff abominations of nature (though I suppose Hashut might like the whole abomination of nature bit…)

First, my first couple of Hobgoblins.

I took of the tops of their hats and rounded them a bit. Then I added greenstuff hoods over their eyes and partially their noses, with a pointed tip in the back. I am trying to accentuate the “Sneaky Gitz” part of Hobgoblin nature, plus make them look more menacing then regular Gobbos. The middle one came out pretty poorly on the whole, thanks to a collaboration of my poor GS skills and using half-way dry GS. The one on the right looks like the hood is extremely messy on the back, but thats just a little piece of plastic and some yellow. That will go away with painting.

Next, dwarves.

This is the most recent Blunderbuss where I finally figured out that Golf Tees would make nice hats. Took me long enough, considering I was working next to my golf bag the entire time. :0 Its pretty ugly, but better than…

First dwarf I ever did. This is before I found the Tees, hence the overly large ring around the bottom of the hat.

Now a group shot, in chronological order. First one on the left, newest one on the right.

Don’t forget my Slayer-Sorc! Still needs some work, and the headband is terrible, but I think hes probably my best so far.

What self-respecting Chaos Dwarf would be caught dead without a loin-cloth?

Any tips on making the Blunderbuss ends? My look really malformed.

Please be harsh. I want some good looking Stunties. At this rate though, I probably need to buy a box of Thunderers to replace all my test version :slight_smile:

Edit: Forgot the mention, I am going to try them without the hideous SB/Beards next time. Hopefully, they should look quite a bit better.

Chosen of Hashut:

for your first time i think you did pretty good.


Pictures are a bit large. Your biggest problem seems to be that you are using too much greenstuff, try cutting down a little

The Flying Beaver:

I second Cornixt. When you’re making the beards, use smaller greenstuff sausages. Get some sticky-tac to practice your sculpting on too, so you can see what the result should look like without wasting your expensive greenstuff.


Already done one dwarf with smaller rolls. Much better! :hat off

Do you think Sculpy would be suitable practice material? I have loads of it and its not expensive at all compared to green-stuff.


Use half as much GS. You need a lot less than you think. The smaller it is, the more detailed it will look, the bigger, the more cartoony.

Nice first efforts! I applaud you for taking the plunge. :hat off

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Don’t worry about your modelling skills too much, BTW. You get better while trying. Also, everyone sees what he wants to see. So once these are painted, everyone will see a beard where it’s meant to be. Try not to cover your dwarfs in beards, though. :wink: Also try to work in layers. Let one thing dry first and then start the second part of sculpting. This way you will not ruin your beards while working on anything on the reverse side of the miniature. To get straight edges, cut the greenstuff after it has completely cured. This way you can repair the belts of the hobgoblins and the muzzles of the blunderbusses.

What’s that yellow thing that you used as a hat for the last blunderbussier?

Oh, and pls reduce the size of your pictures. Seriously.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ishkur, it’s a golf tee (it was in the post :D). I would say, find some sort of funnel shape that is the right size (maybe cut some of the TOP of a golf tee off, so that it doesn’t get quite so big) and either use that OR make a mold of it. That way, they will be the right shape and easier to make. But, in future, please reduce the size of the images…


Yeah, I would say cut down on the beard just a bit, you don’t want to cover the entire front of the model, just about 2/3. :slight_smile: These are very good for a first time, much better than I’d probably do. The slayer conversion confuses me though. Maybe once you have him painted I’ll see what he’s about.


Thanks for the advice. Are the pictures that large? They don’t even stretch across the entire screen for me. I’ll see what I can do next time.

Again, thank you very much for the advice. I will have more to show probably at the end of the weekend.

Traitor King:

The pictures? they’re HUGE!

i have to scroll across the srceen 3 times!

So next time, sort out pictures, showing models in less detail with probably make them seem better.

I agree with the others, less beard!


For first try, very good. As said before you could do with a little bit less green stuff but its still very nice.


Gah, I cant really see the models as the pics are too huge! Could you (or one of the mods if you’re listening…) resize these so I could get a better look?


The pictures should resize themselves automatically down to 700megapixels (at least they do for me) even then they are quite big.

Do you think Sculpy would be suitable practice material? I have loads of it and its not expensive at all compared to green-stuff.
I wouldn’t use sculpy for things like that, remember that you have to bake sculpy for it harden.


Thats what they do for me. I will manually resize them next time.

My scuply suggestion was for practicing modeling, not actually using it on a figure. It has about the same consistency of soft greenstuff without the stickiness and it dosn’t harden in contact with air. I figured I could practice with my tools on the sculpy to get the feel down.

Hashut’s Blessing:

If I knew how to resize the, I would. I don’t know why they haven’t automatically resized. Sorry folks! Did wonder about it in my last post…

Let us know how it goes after the sculpy practise!


I have to agree the beards are to big remember,chain mail looks nice.It looks like there beards are there shirts.


Okay, I can now see the pictures as since my computer isn’t working quite so slowly now I can scroll accross. I recomend using less greenstuff as people have said, you always need less than you think, and remember, you can always mix more. As for blunderbuss ends, many people use the bucklers from the thunderers box (you get about 4 per model). I also recomend watching Xander’s video tutorials, as they give good clear adivece on how to do beards easily.

The most important thing with greenstuff is patience. Do one small bit at a time then leave it to dry. i normally have several projects on the go at once, as I find doing a bit of each one helps make best use of my limited sculpting time. I’d recomend push pins instead of golf tees as hats as they are an easier size. If your not confident with greenstuff, set up a mould and make yourself some masks, that way you don’t have to do noses and tusks. There’s good advice and pictures of how to do this on other areas of the site, but i’ll sumerise: Get a base, and stick a lump of greenstuf on it. Then take the item you wish to cast and paint it with your release agent (I use vegetable oil) so it doesn’t stick. press this into the greenstuff and leave it to dry overnight. When this is done, pull out the object you have cast and you will see a mould. To strt casting, simply paint the mould with your release agent and then push a fresh piece of greenstuff in, making sure you get it in all the gaps. Once this is dry, simply trim any excess greenstuff and attach it to your model.