[Archive] some Chaos dwarf minis from greendog for bloodbowl

Da Crusha:

Hey guys I found these Chaos Dwarf minis, they are available for preorder and produced by Greendog Figurines for Bloodbowl. Here is a link to thread that I found them in.

GreenDog Figurines - Besmirch Dwarves - Talk Fantasy Football


The hobgoblin looks way to skinny for my taste, but the rest looks very cool


I like the Hobgoblins! and that centaur is awesome!


the centaurs look pretty interesting,but not my cup of tea

like the hobbos,but not as cd hobbos,they look more like some kind of traditional fairytale goblins…would be cool for rpg

Border Reiver:

Nah, those are excellent Hobbos - all we need are the shots to show that they have the humped shoulders and we’re good. Love their faces.