[Archive] Some completely different approaches to a CD army


How about going for an extreme elite army? The Chaos Dwarf warriors themselves being very strong and tough due to magic items or daemons that they possess, effectively better than Chaos Warriors even though they have normal Dwarf stats. Almost an army of heroes, cannon balls bouncing off them and they cleave through several enemy at once. This represents how there are relatively few CDs out there but they are still just regular Dwarfs. Back this up with a few slave units and war machines, getting a model count closer to an Ogre army.

I probably break a lot of conventions here:

Chaos Dwarf Warriors 20pts/model


3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9

Daemonic Gauntlets: Gives +1S to all attacks, +1 attack. May be combined with other weapons and armour to get combined bonuses, such as the handweapon and shield bonus in combat.

Hardened Chaos Armour: 5+ ward save, 4+ armour save, may be rerolled. The reroll does not include anything that adds to the save, such as a shield.

Sheer Arrogance: They know how strong they are and they actually enjoy fighting against what appear to be overwhelming odds. Standards give +2 CR rather than +1. The unit gets +1 CR if being attacked in the flank or rear (note: this simply serves to cancel out flank bonuses and partly the rear bonus).


Another idea is for mixed HG and CD units to be the core force. A bit like Gors and Ungors for Beastmen. The HGs are basically the cannonfodder for shooting and undesireable combats. All shooting hits kills HGs, the CDs can elect to flee, leaving some/all HGs standing in the way while they move in another direction in case of an overrun. It fits the fluff very well and gives a different playstyle to what is a slow moving unit that can be outmanoevered.

Maybe if the jettisoned HGs, now a new unit, finds itself out of combat and unable to charge then it disappears (either removed from the table or tries to flee the battlefield for the rest of the game), so the CD player can’t just increase the number of units he has by flinging them off at every opportunity.

Players can have the option to have as many or as few of each model in the unit as they like, so you can theme it to be like a standard CD army is now if you want (although it will be disadvantaged a bit, like most themed armies). This sort of option can also be applied to the war machines, where you can have them manned by mostly slaves or purely CDs.


Combine the two above, so that a standard CD warrior is at least as good as an elite dwarf unit, plus the HGs to improve survivability and tactical advantages.

I might put together a brief army list for the second or third option sometime soon, just to see what it looks like.

Thommy H:

Conceptually, I like it. Anything that moves outside the established paradigm is a good thing in my book - too many fan lists are just Ravening Hordes with an a few extra units. I don’t know that the exact implementation is something I agree with per se, but the idea of Chaos Dwarfs being elite is welcome (and something I tried to do to a much lesser extent in my own list). I like the mixed units idea too, but maybe something like Empire detachments would be more workable? I toyed with doing something similar with Mortal Engines in my own list, but using Slaves is a much better way to use that concept.

You’d have to think about how things like war machine crews would work with these new Chaos Dwarfs - or come up with an excuse for why they’re not so awesome (different Castes?). Given that the buffs explicitly come from equipment, that would be quite easy to do anyway.


Thanks, these are just in the rough-idea stages and I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to even trying them out practically or fleshing them out at all. If anyone else wants a go then you’re welcome to try. The detachment rules could work, but the idea of a CD just shoving a slave into the way seemed much more appropriate. The Gor/Ungor rules describe that pretty well. They are only ideas at the moment though.

Here’s a bit more I’ve come up with for the second idea. Forget about the points costs, plus the text needs a lot more cleaning up and clarity.

Mixed unit

Chaos Dwarf 9pts/model - standard stats

Hobgoblin 3pts/model - standard stats

Unit size: 10+

Chaos Dwarfs may have great weapons +2pts/model or blunderbuss +3pts/model (Hobgoblins do not give blunderbuss rank strength bonus)

Hobgoblins may have light armour and/or shield

CD standard bearer +10pts

CD musician +5pts

CD champion +10pts

Charge Reaction rule:

If an enemy unit declares a charge against a mixed unit (not engaged in combat) that contains at least 5 Hobgoblins, the unit may elect to Get Them In The Way as a charge reaction. At least 5 Hobgoblins are left at the unit edge closest to the enemy chargers. The remainder of the unit moves 2D6-1" in any direction, as long as they don’t end up closer to the enemy unit before the charge takes place (i.e. away from the enemy, but doesn’t have to be directly away, can even be 90 degrees). Measure the distance as if the departing HGs were just killed. May leave as many or few Hobgoblins as you like, as long as it is 5+. May be done multiple times per game as long as you have enough Hobgoblins. Must have at least one Chaos Dwarf in the unit (can be a character) to perform this action.

Following rules for all war machines:

Unit size: 3-6 crew (at least one Chaos Dwarf crew, except on BT)

Chaos Dwarf +9pts/model - standard stats

Hobgoblin +3pts/model - standard stats

Charge Reaction rule included.

Job for a slave: Chaos Dwarf crewmen only take wounds from shooting and misfires if there are no Hobgoblins as crew. At least one CD crewman is required to fire (except on BT).


I like the idea. Wouldn’t you have to make it so they take some slaves. Wouldn’t want them to become an Ogre army. I think the elite Chaos Dwarves is a good ides. Because there are so few of them, they could each have a minor magic weapon. Give them a rule like Wardancer Weapons.