[Archive] some Ogre Kingdoms questions


got a buddy thinking of playing these guys. He had a few rules questions.

1. Do you use 5-man ranks with Ogre Kingdoms models?

2. where are the rules for rhinox cavalry?

3. the high points cost seems to weigh againgst the Ogres in terms of combat resolution. Is this a problems when they are played?

Leon Brachwurster:

  1. No, use 3 to 4 models per unit. 5 models will not work for the simple fact at least one ogre will not get into combat.

    2. Forgeworld has rules as well as an old copy of White Dwarf, the number escapes me. Also try Googling them, the pdf floats out there time to time

    3. It can be. Ogres are a finesse army. They rely on their large numbers of attacks for winning combat. the best tactic for a successful Ogre army is to run multiple small blocks since they do have the advantage of speed. Try to line up a front and a flank charge to knock the opponents combat res down. One unit of ogres against a full rank and file unit will probably loose to the static res.


Maybe try Ogrestronghold.com


depends on how he plays honestly… I have run units of 9 ogres… and ran them so that the 3 impact hits i would get would hit at ST6 causing a wound most of the time… the ranks can be an issue but usually if you can build the list to hit hard enough on the charge to matter you should be good… I also rely on gnoblar blocks to allow my ogres that get stuck in combat a chance to break a unit later by getting in a flank charge.