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Hello my dawi-Zharr Buddies,

First of all, I would like to excuse my bad english, I’m from germany.
I found this forum a few days ago and during watching Xander’s amazing video concerning Conversions of Chaos-dwarfs and Hobgoblins, I fell in love with these little guys with the dreadlock-Style beards.
But after looking through your gallery, I had some questions regarding Conversion of BFSP( It took a whole day, until I found out what this means:~) dwarfs into Chaos dwarfs and the great mount of the Chaos-dwarf sorcerer’s.

1. How do you “build” your hats for the dwarfs ?
2. How do you build a Lammasu ?
3. Why had’nt I found that forum before knocking his head on the table corner :slight_smile:

So best regardings Zhahan:hat off


re: Hats!

I think most people’s hat conversions are built on push pins: that is cylindrical plastic pins that are used to pin up posters or notes on cork boards.

Some people use them straight up as they are, cutting the pin off and gluing them to the dwarf’s head. I tend to fill the sides in with putty to make them larger and conical. I’ve built hats from scratch with putty, and find its hard to get a good even cylinder - using a push pin helps a lot.

Golden Hat:

  1. Some people use push pins, some use plasticard, some use straws, some use green stuff, some use a combination of these.

    2) Not many people have made their own Lammasu.




    3) Not sure, we are on the Wikipedia page for Chaos Dwarfs, and are also the number one spot for a google search of Chaos Dwarfs. :slight_smile: Also my videos are the only real results for a youtube search of Chaos Dwarfs.

    Welcome to the site!!! :smiley:


And I’m sure that people will find lots of Videos under the name of “Golden Hat”

/unmasks the imposter!!


Hats! The everlasting question :hat .
I found it easier than I thought.
Start with the simplest one, like the fire sorcerer in my blog (link at the bottom), get a bunch of GreenStuff, roll it on a smooth surface, water it a lot, so it does not stick to the surface, use more blue than green (so it is harder).
To avoid finger prints I used a round pencil (water it, spit it!) to roll the GS bunch.
Shape it like a cylinder or, if you feel confident, like a cone.
Do not care about the two ends of the cylider, it’s the side that should be regolar…
This is important, as it is almost impossibile to have regular side and flat bases!
At least, I never manage to get them… :stuck_out_tongue:
Let it harden… in the meanwhile roll some others…
When they are hardened get a knife (x-knife, hobby tool, whatever you want) and CUT the bases!
If you have done it carefully you have a nice GS hat, with the dimensions, the shape you like…
I try to shape it as much circular as I can but with arrows, decoration and painting nobody will notice the inevitable little irregularities.
Here are mine!


I used rubber well nuts for my hats, it worked nicely.

A lot of people also get a ton of Marauder bits specifically those shoulder pads… including the skull one then the smooth one for the back. Makes for nice masks… or “small/medium” hats. For “medium” hats, take a ton of the Marauder drums (without the arm attached) and a tiny shave or two… and you have a Chaos Dwarf style hat… similar to the Death Rocket crew’s hats.

Good luck friend! I’m tempted to make even more Warriors, if I can manage to get the armor down…


here are some pics of my lammasu:


I made him out of a pegasus and a giant head