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I have played some games with Tamurkhan and I have some questions that weren’t covered in either errata nor forgeworld email replies. I don’t play much Warhammer so i’m not as rule savy as I would like to be, nor is english my native language. I hope you will bear with me and help med understand the rules better.

Blood of Hashut:

1: I don’t know what “in lieu” means. Do I trade all my normal attacks for the blood of Hashut, or do both apply in the same round of combat?

2: If attacks are in fact traded for the blood effect. Will I be able to use Dark Mace of deaths speciel power?

Dark Macee of Death:

3: When can Dark Mace of Deaths special power be activated. By logic I would guess close combat in initiative order, but the same logic would make Chalice of Darkness a bad item, which Forgeworld clearly disagrees with.

4: How is challenges affecting basecontact in regards of Dark Mace of Deaths special power? Is my model actually moved away from it’s position to accept a challenge? Is It possible to to kill models out of challenge while you are in one?


5: Can i throw magic missile and direkt dmg, spells on my own model to heal it? I guess not, but i’m not sure.

Spellcasting in magic armour:

6: Our wizards can cast spells through their Blackshard armour. But can they still cast spells if I give them a dragon helm og Charmed shield?

Magmacanons Multiple Wound:

7: The errata clears the misconception, that dreadquake mortars do D6 wound to anything under the template. Do Magmacanons actually do D3 wounds under its template or is there some rulebook overrule i’m missing?

Thanks in advance!

- Malorn

Grimbold Blackhammer:

  1. Instead of a Sorcerer-Prophet making his 3 normal attacks, he can forgo them and use the Blood of Hashut instead.

    2. Yes, activating the Dark Mace’s ability is not a ‘normal attack’.

    3. Use the item in initiative order. I don’t see any similarity to the Chalice of Blood and Darkness so you might need to explain that one.

    4. I thought there was an FAQ about this but I don’t see it now. I believe you’re only considered to be in base-to-base contact with a single model but I’ll need someone to confirm or deny that.

    5. No.

    6. Yes.

    7. Yes, the Magma Cannon does D3 wounds to each model touched. Obviously this has no affect on single-wound models but it makes Monstrous Infantry & Cavalry cry.


Thx a ton Grimbold

To explain my thought process behind question 3, and how I find it similar to the Chalice of Darkness, is that the description of the Dark Mace of Death doesn’t tell us when the special power can be utilised.

For example:

I fly my big Bale Taurus into a bad position and gets charged in my flank by 6 knights. As soon as they are in base contact with me, I use Dark Mace of Deaths special power slain 4 knights, and leaving only 2 for the close combat face,

As you can see from my example, this would be pretty stong, and it’s counterlogic in the same way that Chalice of Darkness can be used after you roll your last powerdice but before the enemy makes a dispel attempt. On the other hand, the Dark Mace of Deaths special power is actually super expensive, so maybe it’s the right way to understand the rule?

I’m not here to misuse poorly worded rules, but I would like to hear what you guys think of this :slight_smile:

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Oh I see where you’re coming from now! I think the difference is that the trusty Chalice has the added feature of specifying “at any time” where the close combat phase generally follows a strict order of initiative. Good question though!


Oh I see where you're coming from now!��I think the difference is that the trusty Chalice has the added feature of specifying "at any time" where the close combat phase generally follows a strict order of initiative.��Good question though!

Grimbold Blackhammer
Yeah I understand what you are saying, and I believe that is how I will play it. But if I where a mean powergamer going by "rules as written" I would argue that the special power can be activated outside of the close combat phase, in either players turn ;)