[Archive] Someone else scuplting Chaos Dwarfs

Thommy H:

Over on frothers.

They’re a bit tall for my liking and the sculptor says he has no intention to cast them (they use GW weapons anyway), but I guess if there’s another talented guy making them it can’t be a bad thing. Who knows - maybe he can be persuaded to start a range some day?


they look to much like chaos warriors for my liking, there far to tall and look weird


Chaos Warriors, yes. Chaos Dwarfs, no.


way to tall, look great though


The guy can clearly sculpt pretty well, but yeah they just look like stocky humans. Dwarfs don’t have legs, they just have feet :slight_smile:


Excellent sculpting they need amputating though or feeding if the height is right!:hat


yeah way to tall if that base is 20mm that puts the minis at nearly 35mm tall!

is the champion playing croquet?

the sculpting is good and clean but there is size issues


Look more like Choas Warriors to me too but I like the Hashut reference


the sculpting looks good, but as mentioned before, its to hordes of chaos like

Kera foehunter:

if they have boobs they could be female cd - the beards and shorter

but the ammor looks cool


Yes I must agree with everyone else… they are great sculpts ( I wish I could do that!!) but they do look like chaos warriors with beards…

Were any female chaos dwarfs made? I know they did some for the standard dwarfs but never seen a chaos dwarf female.


@ torn: yep. looks like croquet to me! about to smash some poor guy’s ball across the playing field. lol

@ everyone else: I agree. they don’t look like dwarfs, at least, not like any picture of any dwarf I’ve ever seen. I thought dwarfs were short and stocky. perhaps robust?

but still, not to take anything away from the sculptor, they are very well done :slight_smile:


They look neat, cool hints of originality, and like everyone said, simply off proportionally.


Nice chaos human warrior :cheers


Chaos Warriors of Hashut! O_O

Kera foehunter:

deebo i have made chaos dwarfs women


NO CD at all. Although they would be great Chaos warriors.


They don’t look very dwarfy or very chaos dwarfy :frowning:


I’t looks like tall dwarfs/short humans in metal tights!

Thommy H:

I’m not sure I’m reading between the lines correctly here, but do some of you think they might be a bit tall? I wish someone would make a post clarifying the issue so I could know for certain what you think.