[Archive] Sorcerer base


I have decided to enter my sorcerer into youngbloods at games day, and i thought it needed a fancy base, so any ideas?


A volcanic base would be cool, with lava cracks and ash and the like…


I concur. See any of Snotling’s work for excellent examples.


I think volcanic bases are a tad overused. Something like a winter scene or some sort of large freshly killed corpse would look good and add some contrast to a lot of the other dwarf models.


well, id make him a sorcerer lord and have him on a 50mm base, with a lava gyser propelling a large flat volcanic rock with him on top.


Are there any full-size pics of your sorceror? Id like to see him in detail.

- Tallhat


My advice would be to firstly (regardless of theme) make the base tall (1" - 2"), so have him on a pillar of some sort. Perhaps a cliff overlooking a stream of lava or whatever you prefer.

This is because a tall base gives you more room to display your painting abillity and it draws attention to your model. Just a little extra hight can do alot for a model. Furthermore you have the oppertunity to put little additions to the base, like runes carved into the rock or a banner hanging off a pole ect. or just a random snotling or skull

as for the theme while i agree that ash and lava is overdone there is one good reason for choosing it anyway. Source emission lighting. having the lava appear to have light coming off it is a great effect and adds alot to the drama of the model.

Kera foehunter:

what about a pile of skulls for the bace