[Archive] Sorcerer Lord Builds

Da Crusha:

Hi Guys, I was wondering what kind of builds people using on their RH Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers. now that 8th edition puts so much emphasis on magic, a Sorcerer Lord is almost always a must. Here is a build I have been using.

Level 4 Death Sorcerer

Talisman of preservation

Earthing Rod

Potion of speed


no matter what we do our army is extremely susceptible to an Irresistible Purple sun attack. to limit this a bit I use the Potion of speed when anticipating the sun or use it on turns that I might want to cast it so that just in case I roll a misfire I will have Initiative 4 for the turn on my Sorcerer.

The Earthing Rod costs 25 points but could go a really long way. Now that you could potentially get sucked into the warp on a 2-4 on the miscast chart, it is worth being able to re-roll your result, especially if you are playing against WoC and the Infernal Puppet. The Infernal Puppet could change your Miscast result by up to 3! This means that you have to roll at least an 8 on the miscast chart to be completely safe from Getting Sucked into the warp.

I use the Lammasu to allow my Sorcerer Lord to fly around and snipe off enemy characters and position myself to cast purple sun on low Initiative units. The high Leadership of our Sorcerer Lord allows him to cast Spirit Leech quite effectively especially against any Low LD units such as Varghulfs. Spirit Leech is especially nasty because enemies have to use their unmodified Leadership value.