[Archive] Sorcerer-Lord on a flying carpet

Grimbold Blackhammer:

With the new book we no longer have to choose between a caster and a fighter (woot!) and I almost instantly thought of how useful it will be to have mine zipping around the battlefield causing mayhem on a “magic carpet”. My question is - what would be a good conversion for a character on a carpet. Uh…besides a carpet I mean. A flying plinth is just to obvious so I’m looking for something more original.

Grimbold Blackhammer


Wrong section, should be in ideas & advice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Other than that, sounds like a great idea!

You could create a magical carpet, say a flaming one, or one looking like a thundercloud, and have your sorcerer-lord ride his own magic in the shape of something carpet-ish.


I like the cloud idea, but it should be an ash-cloud I’d have thought - to go with the racial stereotype. I’ve been considering modeling a sorcerer riding a flaming comet


The cloud idea is great! :slight_smile:


Could even be a death lore cloud (green with dark, glowing skulls) ;D

Pitch black also works.

Maybe even a contraption on the cloud that turns the cloud to solid matter so it can be ridden?


Have him riding on a hunk of floating volcanic rock with veins of lava running through it.


How about: An obsidian throne that floats, with molten channels that drip lava. The dripping lava could be used to attach him to the base, so he floats.

Will he be zooming down the flanks and lobbing Purple Suns?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

The Purple Sun of Xerces is about the only spell I won’t let him cast.  The chance of him misfiring, catching himself, and then falling down a well is just too high.  I was thinking he’d be dishing out the Lore of Hashut which would be even worse!  Chaos Dwarves can do what a lot of other races can’t.  We can debuff a stat and then make someone take a stat test for a double whammy.  Chosen bunkers?  Bring it.  Slann bunker?  Bring it.  Greater Deamon?  BRING IT!

I’ve learned from experience that having a mobile caster annoys the heck out of my opponents because they can’t pin him down.  Being mobile and on a tiny 20mm base is going to irritate them even more!

I LOVE the “ash cloud” idea.  That’ll be perfect!

And sorry for posting in the wrong area.  Feel free to move the thread.

Grimbold Blackhammer


You could also do something from their tech/black forge genre. Not necessarily cobbled together like Skaven, but solid steam-punk. :smiley:


You could also do something from their tech/black forge genre.  Not necessarily cobbled together like Skaven, but solid steam-punk.  :D

yeah, i was thinking maybe some kind of spideresque small walker thingy.


Magic crystal?

Tiny Train?


Snowman? :wink:


This-> http://www.olleysarmies.co.uk/machines/flyingsaucer001.jpg

Just steam punk it up.


//I LOVE the “ash cloud” idea. That’ll be perfect!//

Looking forward to it.

Ugly Green Trog:

I kinda like the idea of a disc of Tzeentch going on pimp my ride if Westwood was a Sorceror Prophet, I’m thinking like a big shiny flying cutting disc.

Shame the magic carpet can’t be taken with the daemon flask of ashak, zipping into your opponents army on turn 1 and unleashing that baby for mass panic and destruction of war machines would be awesome.


When you say flying on a cloud, i can’t help but picture that chinese? show “Monkey Magic” or something it was. You know tripitaka is a preist and there was the monkey king and pixie and sandy walking somewhere looking for bhuddha.


Why not have him on a twin tailed comet ?? :wink:



how about a sorcerer flying on a death rocket :idea


Haha! Awesome.

I do like the steampunk idea. Something with gears and copper pipes and gauges could be cool. A molten bit of earth.

Something like this, but smaller, with the bottom half transitioning into molten lava: