[Archive] Sorcerer-Prophet Build Help


Basically, I have to make a 2500 point Chaos Dwarf army which will be merged with my 2500 point WoC army for a large 5000 point battle. I’m almost certainly planning to run a Sorcerer-Prophet in a large block of Infernal Guard but I’m not sure how I should set him up.

The following list is the items I’ve already used in my WoC army: Enchanted Shield, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Pres and Sword of Striking.

Currently, my WoC army is fairly hard hitting so I don’t need something too offensive. I’ll list the 4 builds I’ve come up with and explain my thoughts on them. I’ve put Level 4 into all the builds.

Build 1
Mask of Furnace

Very resilient. Rerollable 3+/4++ means that he is very hard to kill. My main problem with this though is I’m not sure whether I should be kitting out my Prophet with too much defensive stuff because he should be fairly safe in a block. Also, I feel like with a large allowance of items, I can find a good defensive combination and save the Mask and Dawnstone for other guys, like the Castellan I’m certain to run.

Build 2
Blood of Hashut
The Other Trickster’s Shard
Healing Potion

Pretty offensive build. This guy is designed for taking on characters and wrecking them. The Healing Potion allows the Prophet to then regain wounds lost after battling characters. This also leaves me loads of points for other items too, like the Dispel Scroll, Earthing Rod or even Mask of Furnace.

Build 3
Trickster’s Helm
Stone Mantle

Another defensive build. This guy is designed for being in infantry vs infantry battles. With this set up, it’ll be hard for any normal joe to wound him. This allows me to save the Mask of Furnace as well.

Build 4
Chalice of Blood and Darkness
Earthing Rod
Healing Potion

The more magicky build. I was going to run the Chalice of Blood and Darkness with my Daemonsmith before, but I’m worried about rolling 6s, especially since with the Daemonsmith’s 2 wounds. Also, I feel that my Prophet will be able to benefit more from rolling 1s. The Healing Potion is there to compensate for any wounds I lose from rolling 6s.

Right now, I’m opting more for Build 3. Let me know what you all think though.


Build one is a favorite of mine. I love to put that on my Sorceror and then let him baby sit a Hellcannon and a magma cannon. Even though he’s a lone character, he has a look out sir, and has some insane defense. I like it, but as you point out, it’s probably not necessary in a block of infantry.

Build two is my least favorite. You can add Blood of Hashut to any SP. It doesn’t count against his item limit.

Three is not bad. Very creative, though I’d rather have the ward save than the helm. T6 is awesome, but 3 wounds are still not that hard to force through.

4 is pretty intriguing. If he is your big caster in the army, then go for it. Why not make him as effective as possible at his job?

That said, I offer you a fifth option.

Armor of Destiny, Obsidian Lodestone, Power Stone (or for more utility channeling staff and Ironcurse icon)

The difference between 4+ armor and 5+ isn’t much when you’re in a unit and protected by champions/castellans from challenges. However, now you are offering your unit a 5+ Ward against spells and your Castellan with the Mask now has a 2+ ward vs sniper spells as does your prophet. Very defensive, but the defensiveness benefits everyone.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Warriors of Chaos have better movement, better magic, and better hand-to-hand combat abilities than Chaos Dwarfs. So I’d like the WoC player focus on those areas while you should offer support in whatever area he is weak in (based upon the other army list) plus provide the shooting phase. As such if you’re determined to bring a Sorcerer-Prophet, I’d suggest bringing the Demon Flask. That way he’s doing something more than just competing for power dice and baby-sitting war machines - he’s far too expensive for such mundane tasks.